Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Cards



Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Monument Valley

Just went on a quick trip this weekend to Monument Valley in Southern Utah.  We stayed here and loved our room and the view (that surprised us at sunrise; and in fact we didn't even want to leave our room!)  We ate far too much Navajo frybread, and enjoyed the wonderful warm weather.  Thanks Klint for making this fun video to remember our trip!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

(You can see how big my hair was in this picture!)


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Marriage - How It All Works Out - Year VI

After 6 years of being married to my one and only love of my life I think back to how it all started. 

It's really so crazy when you think about all that has to happen to even meet the person you are supposed to marry, let alone for it to work out that you even get to know each other, date, and like each other, let alone falling in love and wanting to be with each other all the time, so you marry, and are together for forever! 

You know, it almost didn't work out between me and Klint.  But it did.  I'm so glad Heavenly Father helped things happen with us : )

I think about it and and am so grateful that I lucked out and didn't get just anyone... I am married to a wonderful, amazing, funny, talented, beautiful, fun, sweet guy.  I couldn't ask for a better companion.  I love love love being married. Thank you Klint for being more than I ever thought I would have in a husband and loving me more than I ever thought I'd be loved.

The beginning of this year I read the "The 5 Love Languages" and figured out my (and Klint's) love languages.  I knew that he likes service and quality time.  But now Klint knows that I like quality time, touch, and words of affirmation.  I need to be told "I love you" as well as hugged and kissed to know it too.  Plus I love just being with Klint.  We would both rather be with each other than with anyone else.  Though we do love our friends and family : )  And since Klint realized how important those things are to me he really shown me he loves me by telling me more and holding my hands and touching me more even though it doesn't come as naturally to him. 

Klint shows me he loves me through service (which while it means more to him I like it too).  Like when I come home from work and Klint has done a "deep clean" of the entire house (mopped the tile, cleaned the kitchen counters, done the dishes, done ALL the laundry - towels, sheets, clothes, vacummed all the carpets, cleaned the bathroom completely!  I mean come on, what kind of guy spends his whole day doing that?!  I am so lucky!  The only thing I ask Klint to do are the tile floors and the toilet - I just don't like to do those.)

Happy Anniversary babe.  I can't imagine life without you by my side.  Thanks for being such an amazing husband and friend.  "I love you sooooooo much!"

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day Birthday Weekend at the Cabin Year #7 for #29 in 2012!

My birthday this year was on Labor Day (not surprising as it usually falls on Labor Day Weekend during our annual trip to the cabin!)  This is my 7th Labor Day Trip to the cabin and Klint's maybe 15th I don't know?!!  [It's fun that both Klint and I have a trip on our birthday - his to St George in January.]  Anyway, as many of our friends are living in Germany and others have just had a baby it was just the two of us again to the cabin this year.  Thanks once again to the wonderful Bruce & RosaLee for letting us stay at their lovely cabin for a relaxing weekend.  Since it was my birthday weekend I milked Klint for everything I could ; )  I turned 29 this year; I think until I start acting my age I won't care how old I am!
Our weekend consisted of first stopping at Li Li's on our way down to Cedar (Chinatown Restaurant in Nephi of course) for my favorite Chinese meal.  After we were thoroughly full we made the drive to Cedar City and up the canyon to the cabin.  Bruce was a little nervous being there I don't think he remembered coming here last year when we was just 3 months old (I just posted those pictures he was so cute!).  But he soon warmed up to it - and remembered the 4-wheeler because he jumped right on!  Klint would drive the 4-wheeler up the mountain and Bruce & Carl would chase after him.  Bruce is fast Klint could not ditch him!  And Carl, though slower, would still chase Klint even in the dark he wouldn't give up!  We took our traditional ride up to "Engagement Point" where Klint proposed to me 6 years ago.  It is so beautiful up there.  I love that we have a special place.  Later Klint hung up the hammock and we laid in it for awhile.  The gleaming Aspen trees and the sound the leaves make in the wind ahhhhhhh it's just wonderful. 

Too fast!
Eating breakfast on the porch in Bruce's jacket!
We ate way too much good food and goodies.  We ate my favorite Cowboy Pizza and watched "The Young Victoria" and "The Notebook."  Sidenote:  I watched that movie for the first time with Bri in Hawaii and bawled and bawled.  While I still love the movie I think about how happy I am with my love and how it's even better than the movie!  Yes, Klint I adore you thanks for watching girly movies with me for my birthday (I watch them alone the rest of the year : )  My favorite part of my birthday was Klint saying "Put in Pride and Prejudice" and then watched the whole 5 hours with me!  Klint did watch this movie with me a couple years into our marriage and I was thoroughly impressed.  So for him to watch it again with me meant he really loves me!  I loved Klint's reaction the the mom & the dad (Mr & Mrs Bennett).  Oh, I love that movie oh so much!  Then Klint gave me a card and wrote me a letter "In the spirit of Pride and Prejudice" that was in cursive and in fancy words I loved it!  He loves me!

So there is a steak house located 5 miles up Cedar City Canyon called "Milt's Stage Stop" that he's wanted to go to go to for years and we finally did go.  But I said well if we are going there we gotta play the part so we looked in the closets for some sweet clothes of Bruce & RosaLee's to wear.  I even got some bright pink lipstick.  Klint enjoyed his long awaited meal.  Klint said to me "I know you love me because we're going to a restaurant I want to go for your birthday!"  I didn't think that at all - I know how much Klint loves to eat out and have an experience.  After all, Klint did take me to Europe for my birthday present!  (...and Christmas and his birthday!)  Well it's fine because I got ice cream for lunch which is what I wanted! 

Finally made it to Milt's

This was the menu!

Before we left we watched "The Judds farewell concert" on VHS it's tradition!  Goodbye cabin until next time!

So when we got back we went straight up Hobble Creek Canyon and met up with my family having a barbecue for Labor Day slash let's celebrate Mary's birthday!

Cara gave me a sweet card, but then wrote in it "It makes me uncomfortable to vocalize nice things!" ha ha ha

"What better way to say 'I love you' than with the gift of a spatula... Spatula City!"

Mom made the delicious cake and made me this pillow I requested!

Aunt Karen & Jerry were our hosts

With Aunt Darlene

The dogs were pooped after a long weekend after their baths we found them like this
Oh yeah, and Klint shaved off his beautiful beard :' (
I told him I wanted to come home to a nasty mustache though!
Thank you to everyone's birthday wishes - you all are so sweet : )

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day at Cabin 2011

I didn't realize that I didn't post this last year!  But I have to cuz Bruce is so darn cute as a puppy!!!!

Labor Day 2011 was the first year it was just the two of us going to the cabin.  But it was nice and romantic and relaxing and fun.
Klint is now obsessed with the fruit from the "Red Barn" in Santaquin

Brue's face?

Engagement Point

Engagement Point

Engagement Point

At Engagement Point! 5 years later

Eating my favorite cake for my 28th!

Me saying "Woo Wee Klint!" while driving the 4-wheeler

Driving with the dogs - safe I know!

Our tree we carved at our engagement - 5 years later!