Thursday, August 16, 2007

July 2007 News

Klint & Mary's July News

It’s been a fun summer. The biggest thing to report on for July was our trip to Havasupai.

Havasupai is an Indian Reservation on the west rim on the Grand Canyon. So you hike down 10 miles into paradise! You are surrounded by canyon walls and desert and in the midst of you there are gorgeous waterfalls and rivers. All I can say is amazing. This was Klint’s 6th straight year going down and my second. We love it! This year we gathered a group of 14 to go (our friends and some of Klint’s family.) The pictures do no justice for the beauty. Last year I was skeptical since I had been to waterfalls in Kaua’i, but this was different and even more beautiful! Anyway, it’s Klint’s favorite vacation he looks forward to each year.

Oour garden has been flourishing. We now have zucchini, cucumbers, & beans from our garden. Still waiting on our tomatoes and potatoes. It's so great to see the "fruit" of our labors. We keep saying "we grew this!" Anyway, my best friend, Bri, had her one year mission mark and will be coming home in December from her mission in England so I am so happy! Klint finally got a barbecue so he’s happy. I’ve been riding my bike (Klint bought me a new one once I started riding my old bike!) to work everyday for a month now which is 4 miles each way and takes about 21 minutes to work and 26 back (going home is harder since it’s an incline.) I do get to work all red and sweaty, but it’s really fun and I’m saving gas money and getting exercise! And it doesn’t feel like exercise since I enjoy it and I have a destination. We went up to Heber Valley Camp for a mini family reunion with Mom & Larry who are on their 2nd year there as missionaries. It was good to see all my Egbert step-siblings and new babies in the family. On Larry’s birthday July 31st Klint and I celebrated our “anniversary” of meeting 3 years ago!

June 2007 News

K & M June News

We already told you in last month’s news that Klint got his tonsils June 1st, so he had a whole lot of fun recovering from that!

Our friend, Bryce’s, band “Another Statistic” had their first full length CD release show. On June 15th we celebrated our “6 month wedding anniversary!” And yes, we celebrated (I can milk all the anniversaries the first year can’t I?!) Klint took me out to McGrath’s Fish House for Salmon (which is my favorite) apparently though, better salmon would be at Market Street Grille in Salt Lake. But then we drove the Alpine Loop ending up in American Fork Canyon where we camped in the back of Klint’s truck by Silver Lake Reservoir. Waking up to hike up to Silver Lake. We were preparing for hiking to Havasupai, Arizona (coming July 4th-9th). Klint gave me a Thermarest of my very own for our “anniversary!” I was so excited. At the Fireplace Place we got a new phone system so I got my very own voicemail at work (which I think is very cool!) On June 22nd we went to my dad & my step-mom, Henny’s 5th wedding anniversary/Henny’s birthday party. It was the first time all their kids got together. And let me tell you what a treat that was! We went to the Deftones concert and I thought I was going to die! Klint had a great time, but I started getting moshed so I hightailed it right out of there! I told Klint I would never go again. Ahhhh. We had a Havasupai planning Barbecue…So anyone who is interested in going next year with us you are welcome! it’s amazing! I’ll post pictures in July’s news. Not so fun news, Klint’s dad was in for a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with colon cancer. So he was rushed into emergency surgery. The doctor’s think that they got all the cancer. His dad, James, is still recovering. But then two days later Klint’s mom was rushed into emergency surgery too! Something to do with her gall bladder, so that was a fun hospital/stressful time! We had three of Klint’s nieces (Staci, Addison, & Bailey) and his nephew (Jackson) for a weekend during all the hospital stuff and went to the Pleasant Grove pool. We volunteered for the Lindon Dry-Pack Cannery and had no idea what we were in for. We thought we were going to do service not realizing it’s just for us! So we started our food storage finally, so that’s a weight off my shoulders. I kept dreaming about disasters and not being prepared! Okay, well I hope you are all well. Happy Summer!

May 2007 News

Mary & Klint's May News

May was great! Started the month out with the Morrissey Concert, watching Cameron & Eamon, then Mother’s Day at Heber Valley Camp!

Cameron and Eamon I think made us want to push back parenthood perhaps a little more than my already planned 2 years ha ha! But I’m glad Cara & Brandon got to go on their amazing world adventure! On Mother’s Day I got to talk to Bri on the phone! (my best friend who is still on her mission in England, but coming home in December.) Then we took the kids up to Heber Valley Camp to visit with the parents and kind of pawn off the kids with “Grandma” for awhile!

Mid month we drove to San Fransisco with our friend Courtney, and met another friend Eric out there. We went to go see Bjork in concert who was amazing! We had a great time since neither of us had been to San Fran before. What a crazy city! Then for Memorial Day weekend we went down to Zion’s with friends then stayed at Klint’s family’s cabin up the canyon from Cedar City (which is where we go engaged! So Klint took me up to the “spot!”).

Best news happened on June 1st ha ha! Klint got a tonsillectomy!!! He’s been so sweet without his tonsils and having to rely on me for everything! Just a word to the wise DON’T GET YOUR TONSILS OUT!!!! At least as an adult “it’s the worse pain a man can go through!” And Klint truly believes that. Anyway, hope everyone is doing well!