Friday, August 22, 2008

We Took Carl Home!!!

On August 22nd we took home our first child... Carl the Chihuahua, my sweet 8 week old puppy. Thereby taking on responsibility....yikes! I sure do love Carl. If you will recall how much I've loved Cara's puppies from the beginning and especially Carl: and even earlier (he is in Klint's hands on the left): or if you wish to learn of his birth from my sister's blog: I knew I "needed" Carl when I couldn't stop dreaming about those darn puppies! Despite being born normal size (besides the runt and the giant) Carl ended up being the smallest out of the 5 puppies (so far-11 weeks old)...and the cutest!

Carl @ 7 weeks old.................................................Carl's family

The day we took Carl home

Klint says he still doesn't "love" Carl.....hmmmmm

He sleeps a lot. I love the shot below that Klint took

................................................Carl taking a nap with Klint

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Nicole & the girls have moved out to New York to be with Kris, so we helped them move on August 16th. Don't worry Klint has already planned us a trip out there to visit on Halloween! Nicole's parent's, Bruce & RosaLee, were there too. After packing up the truck we all went out to dinner at good ol' Porter's Place. I don't like goodbyes. Anyway, the week before our niece, Kimi, had her 18th birthday/goodbye pool party since she was going with Kris & Nicole to be Addie & Bailey's nanny. We'll miss you!

The guys loading up the 26' moving truck

Klint and Bruce sweating it up after moving

Porter's Place

Kris & our nephew Jackson

Nicole & Kris

Klint @ Kimi's party- she had a D.J. and they played
hip hop music so Klint was just trying to fit in!

Klint dancing (check out our friend with
the white shirt in back...priceless dancer!)

Klint & Kimi

In the hot tub with some of our nieces.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

YW Girls Camp at Bear Lake

The first week in August I went with my Young Women to Girls "Camp" up by Bear Lake. Though it was hardly camping, we stayed at a home called "The Bear Lake Ranch House." And because all the leaders already had everything planned and wouldn't let me help I got to be one of the girls for the week! They had all the older Laurels in charge and they took care of everything, so I just got to relax and have fun. It was fun to be there with Kaylee. This was the nicest girl's camp I've been to, but it just didn't have the same feeling for me as my experiences at Camp Shalom. I was reminiscing with Natalie Speirs (Jones), my friend growing up in Orem, about it. Not once did I get yelled at by a leader at this camp it just wasn't the same! ; ) I miss being a kid, but it's fun being an adult too I can do whatever I want to! ha...well, almost.

Cute Sister Willes from my ward playing baseball!

Visiting the Minnitonka Cave
Inside the cave they did the "iron rod" in the dark

With a couple of my girls tubing on Bear Lake...I loved it!

Tubing now with my Bishop!

The girls doing skits

Inside the Paris Tabernacle with Kaylee
I really have always wanted to go to PARIS...Idaho

At the Logan Temple the girls did baptisms for the dead
On the way home from Girl's Camp I went straight to Lagoon for Klint's work...I only lasted 4 rides, then needed to go home I was so nauseaus and tired from camp.
The kangaroo at Lagoon, "Good Morning Adaunis!"

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Does This Shirt Make Me Look Fat?!!

Lucky for me Klint hasn't noticed the extra pounds I've been putting on...
... Though, I guess he doesn't have much room to talk!

I love using "Photo Booth" on Klint's Mac. In the past 2 years he has had his computer I've probably taken 10 times as many photos of myself than he has! What can I say I love making myself look as ugly, funny, or ridiculous as possible! Below you will find some of my favorites: