Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We Were Made For Each Other!!!

I can't look at these pictures without laughing; I love how awkward we were! I loves Klint's teeth, ears, eyes, shaved sideburns, & mullet. I wonder what we would have thought of each other if we knew each other at that age. I know he loves my big blue glasses, slicked back hair with itty bitty bangs! I can't wait to see what kind of monster children we create together!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

September '07- April '08 Pictures!

Family News Sept-April

Let the pictures tell the story for the last 6 months!

August 2007 News

Brearton August News

Looks like you've all had a fun summer!

August was yet another fun month. We started it out by going to the movies with Cameron & Eamon, then Klint and I going to see my favorite Bourne Ultimatum! We went to Lagoon for Klint's work. Then Klint surprised me and took me to Park City for the weekend to stay at a super nice condo. We went on the Alpine Slide which Klint has never done and it was really fun! Then we went on a shopping spree to the outlets. I'm still riding my bike everyday to and from work yay! Klint actually just found me a better way to get to work that's quicker and a little less sweaty! For my and Michael's work party we had a golf tournament at River Oaks Golf Course in Sandy. And I could actually hit the ball! Klint took me to the driving range to practice before hand. Our team did really well; Mikey is pretty good. We went to Trafalga two weeks in a row since they have this awesome date night special where you get Dippin' Dots! We had Aunt Karen over for dinner for her birthday and Klint cooked a delicious pesto pasta linguine with grilled chicken off the barbecue. YUM! Klint started school again at UVSC YUCK! I get lonely when he's gone ha ha! He said I need a hobby! Oh, thank you Matt & Elena for hosting Sunday dinner that was really nice to see everyone and the food was amazing! My Z-26 Beretta was terminally ill so we finally bought a new car 2004 Honda Civic and we've already saved so much money in gas!