Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I woke up this morning wanting a puppy specifically Carl (below). I dreamt about Cara's Chihuahua puppies all night. Wahhhhhhhhh! I can play with the puppies for hours. I'm extremely puppy hungry Rarrrrrrr!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Finally Did It!!!!!

So I've been thinking about going dark for 3 years now, so I finally did it! Now I just have to get used to it "WooWee Klint!" When I first looked in the mirror it looked like I was wearing a wig! (Thanks to Aly for not only coloring my hair, but for calming all my fears; and for Bri and Sarah who listened to me talk about this forever and for reassuring me!)

Friday, July 11, 2008

"The Story of Heras" by Yram

This story was written for and about my friend Sarah at work (Haras is Sarah spelled backwards). I had John at work read this story and he started laughing and telling others, because unlike me and my innocent mind writing Haras he read "her as*!" So here you go:

"The Story of Heras" by Yram
Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Haras. Haras had lovely long dark locks of ebony hair, with olive skin, and a gorgeous smile. Heras was born in a wonderful land far far away, to a good and kind king and beautiful and sweet queen. Haras lived a luxurious easy life and was the talk of all the kingdom. Not only was Haras extraordinarily beautiful, but she was kind to all creatures great and small. Heras had a charm about her that could calm a striking cobra. Everyone wanted to be around Princess Haras because she just made you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
One day Haras was out in the Magical Forrest singing to herself and all the animals when she was struck by lightning. The electrical jolt knocked Haras out and to the ground. She awoke hours later cold and wet in the dark. She had been asleep for a few hours and it had begun to rain. Haras had never been in such a miserable state all of her pampered life. Haras didn’t know what to do so she started to cry, but instead of tears fire came out of her eyes! Yet, oddly, the fire didn’t burn her, but it sure did frighten her! She stood up to go home, but when she started walking she realized that she wasn’t walking but floating! Which made her try to run faster which only made her start to fly! Soon enough she was above the rain clouds in the dry space. Haras then realized that she must be dreaming so pinched herself. The pinch did indeed hurt she didn’t realize her own strength.
Haras decided to let herself fly home to the castle, but when she approached the gate to the Castle she saw arrows coming towards her being shot from the guards. She floated down to the ground and started yelling to the guards to stop, but only fire came out of her mouth. She looked down in the water moat and saw her reflection, but instead of beautiful dark locks of hair she saw green scales…she had turned into a fire-breathing dragon! Was it the lightening that did it?! She didn’t know what to do, so she flew away back to the forrest and tried to cry again, but again only fire came out. What was Haras to do?!
Just then Haras heard a twinkling sound and looked up to see a sparkly ball of fluff flying around until it got closer and closer to her until suddenly it turned into a fairy woman! “Hello darling,” said the fairy woman. “Who are you?” asked Haras. “Why I’m your fairy woman lady, of course! I’ve come to help you.” “But I’m a dragon! You think you can change me back?” exclaimed Haras. The fairy woman lady sat there thinking for a minute before saying, “Well I can’t change you back completly, but I can incorporate your new powers to make you a super hero.” “What is a super hero,” Haras asked looking quite puzzled. “Well, I can use your new flying power towards being a hero and then maybe I can teach you to control your fire breathing and then I could maybe change you back to your…” “Achooooooo!” sizzle sizzle sizzle. “Oops!!!” Haras accidentally sneezed and killed the fairy woman lady. “Crap! Now what am I going to do!?” Meanwhile it had continued to lightning and thunder and downpour.
Just then a lightning bolt hit Haras, but this time it didn’t knock her out, but it did change her back into her beautiful self. She thanked the dead fairy woman lady and ran all the way back to the castle and into the arms of her loving mother. Haras’s mother asked her where she had been and that she was worried sick that the fire-breathing dragon had eaten her. Haras just smiled and hugged her mother.
From then on Haras’s life was pretty normal except that she killed her first husband on their wedding night. Apparently the lightning striking again didn’t remove her fire tears! But Haras learned how to cry without having any “tears” come out after that and she lived happily ever after with Prince Almost Charming. THE END

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Trip out to Aunt Darlene's for the 4th of July

Trip to Aunt Darlene's

Klint and I went out to Aunt Darlene's in Baker, Nevada for the Fourth of July weekend. We hiked at Great Basin National Park up to the Bristlecone Pine forrest which has trees up to 5,000 years old and still standing (and some that are a few thousand years old that are still alive!) Crazy. Klint liked going to Lehman's Cave. Then we just hung out on the hammock and listened to Aunt Darlene ;)
Flashback to 2006 trip on the hammock

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Havasupai 2008!

We just got back from yet another fun and adventure filled Havasupai trip. Click on the picture to view the whole album...yeah there's a lot of pictures and I already took out over half of them! This is my 3rd and Klint's 7th straight year going. 13 of us friends went this year. Since I hurt my hip before the trip and Klint gave me his horrific head cold we decided to helicopter in (plus Klint has always wanted to!) So we were well rested for the 3 days down there and had plenty of time to visit Havasu, Navajo, & Mooney Falls as well as float down the "Lazy River!" Klint got me a water proof camera case this year so I could actually take some new pictures. Then early Sunday morning we hiked the 10 miles out. We had a great time and now can't wait until next summer!

"Puppies! Find those puppies!"....Cruella DeVil

Cara's Chihuahua, Emma, just had 5 puppies on the June 26th and so Klint and I took Cameron & Eamon out to a movie then went over to see them. Ohhhhhh they were so cute! I, Mary, who does NOT want a dog, does want a puppy! I asked Klint if I could have one, "Not a Chihuahu!" I thought he'd be happy since I am adament about NOT having a dog especially a big dog. Ha. Anyway, it was great I used 2 of the puppies at dog cleavage! And Emma kept growling and barking at me to stay away from her babies!...see more at Cara's blog http://caraandbrandon.blogspot.com/2008/06/i-dont-know-nothin-bout-birthin-no_27.html


I was at the Springville Art City Days Carnival with some family on June 14th and guess who we saw?...Our Korean ex-step-mother Bok!! I haven't seen her since she and her son Austin she came to Paul & Jayann's wedding reception in 1999! It's been 9 years and she hasn't aged a bit! But it's so weird to see her after all this time. She didn't recognize me and she changed her name to Britta. She and my dad divorced in '98 I think. Anyway, the first thing she said to Cara was that I was her favorite! ha we already knew it though she'd always tell us all that. I got out of doing a lot of dishes because of it.