Saturday, September 27, 2008

I HIKED TIMP!!!!....again

The last Friday in September Klint and I hiked up to the Meadow below Mount Timpanogas and camped, then early morning hiked up the the very top to the shack. Then hiked back down to our tent and napped, before we hiked back. We were up there about 20 hours. Last year we did it on the same weekend with my brother, Paul. It was such a miserable experience for me that I vowed to NEVER hike Timp again!....Well, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing because we missed going a couple of weeks ago since we were sick, so Friday morning Klint called me from work seeing if I wanted to hike Timp! At least this time we wouldn't be starting at midnight and hiking straight through, so I wouldn't be walking in my sleep and being much sleep deprived coming down! This time it was a lot better, still a really hard hike, but I was at least awake this time. What did me in, was coming back the last couple miles of the trail just seems never-ending, then you finally see the cars in the parking lot at Camp Timpanookee and sing Hallelujah! Klint always out-hikes me, but I do better going down hill. Man, that's a hard hike for me! (but worth the view.) I think this time will be my last though! Thanks Klint for your patience with me and for giving me your last "Mamba!"

Klint in our tent in the the morning

The backside of timp....dreamlike mountain background

Klint at the Saddle

Almost there the shack in view!...inside the shack at the top

The dot is our tent... Taking a nap after (I was sleeping I didn't know Klint took this picture!)
Hiking back down...Crossing the dreaded shale rock

I think Klint might be getting sick of my picture taking!

The color change on the leaves were gorgeous

Our hike last year with Paul....We watched the sunrise it was freezing!

Notice my BLOODSHOT sleep deprived eyes from last time!?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Golfing with the boys

When Klint and I were dating Klint always invited me to go driving around in the golf cart while he and our friends golfed. But it's been fact, I can't remember the last time Klint has asked me to go golfing with him. But for some unknown reason Klint wanted me (and Carl) to come golfing with Bryce and Sebastian. The last time I was with the three of them golfing was C-Bass's first time golfing Novemeber 2005 before his mission, so here they are 3 years later.

Sebastian, Bryce, & Klint September 2008

Klint, Bryce, & Sebastian November 2005

Backflash: November 2005

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mary's 25th Birthday Party

So I've been telling Klint for months that I wanted a birthday party since I'm turning 25....well, he gave me one! Ha he must love me or something. I told him I didn't want to make ANY decisions about the party, and believe me he kept asking, but it just frustrated me since I don't like decisions anyway! He finally learned and stopped asking questions. So really the party was a surprise since I didn't know anything about it or who was invited or where it was going to be or what we would be doing. Klint & C-Bass left somewhere very secretive (later I found out they were getting stuff for the party) so Klint had Bri & James pick me up at my house to take me to this party that I did find out was up "a" canyon I didn't know whether it was American Fork or Provo. Well we ended up at Canyon Glen park up Provo Canyon. While walking to find Klint we saw my little brother Mikey who said hi to Breezy, but completely ignored me... he didn't recognize me with my brown hair! Then we got to our little picnic table site and there were ALL my siblings, my mom & aunt, a bunch of my friends, plus 8 dogs (4 being Carl's siblings!) having a barbecue in my honor!! I was so happy to see everyone's smiling faces I really needed that after my dumb birthday and week! So all that came were my oldest brother Paul & his wife Jayann, Brother Dan & niece Delylah, Sister Cara & husband Brandon & nephews Cameron & Eamon, little brother Mikey, Mom, Aunt Karen, and my wonderful friends: Bryce, Beth, Smith, Scott, Sebastian & Maya, Courtney, Bri, & James. This really was what I needed to have a fun birthday. Thank you to my kind family and friends who took time and effort (great food!) to come to my party love you all!!!! ALSO THANKS TO MY DARLING KLINT FOR TAKING CARE OF HIS PUNK WIFE!!!

Eamon in "Time Out!"

Cara holding Carl on her neck moments before he fell off into the ashes of a firepit and started screaming his poor little head off! If you look closely in the picture on the right that Carl's eyes are closed, tongue out, and soot on his face and neck : (

How's that corn boys?

Courtney wore this dark pink skirt for me that she wore 3 years ago camping (in stilletos!), so we re-created that picture! Ha

My beautiful Mom & Sister....Bri's priceless card that had her business card in the giftcard slot!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Klint's Luau

Klint is the Marketing Director at his work which means he's in charge of putting on events for the resident's families and for people in the community. So this time he decided to do a big Hawaiian Luau for the end of Summer (Sept. 5th). It was really fun with the biggest turn out to that I've seen in the three years he's been putting events on...Way to go Klint!!! He got asked to go up during the Hawaiian Dancer performance to learn some moves, so here are a few shots it was really funny!

This cute and very friendly girl, Hayley, was visiting her grandparents at the Luau,

but she came and adopted me & Carl ALL night ha! But the residents all wanted to see Carl too.

The next morning we had the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk up in Salt Lake

so we brought Carl. These are some of the CNA's from Klint's work.