Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And yes, this is the traditional Lights at Temple Square post!

We met up with our sister-in-laws and nieces at Temple Square to see the lights, but unfortunately I do not know who took the group picture hmmmm. So here's me and Klint!

Thanks Bailey for taking our picture! You are so darn cute!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Photo Shoot & Christmas Surprise!

Back in August Klint's brother, Kris, was in town and while in Utah he was going to cut his long hair to donate to "Locks of Love." So I got this idea that Klint & Kris should get funny brother pictures with their beards and to document Kris's pretty hair before it's gone. Well the photo shoot was hilarious we were dying when Kris started crawling in the studio with his hair blowing in the "wind!" I had to keep these pictures a secret for 4 months so they could give their Dad one of these pictures for Christmas. It was hard to do because I kept wanting to say something about it to Nicole, Kris's wife, but I couldn't! But my father-in-law's reaction (and the family's reaction) was worth the wait... Here are the pictures:

And the prize goes to...

Braiding Kris's hair......................Our friend Aly cutting the last braid
Notice the Jedi braid?!......Klint styling Kris's haircut (cut just like Klint's!)

Thanks Kris for being such a good sport it was fun!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Traditional Christmas post

Sorry for the hideous photo, but the best part of Christmas this year for me was that I finally got my
wedding video on DVD after 3 years of marriage! Klint finished about a year and a half ago, but now I have a physical copy in my possession. I was SO excited! It was the first gift I opened and so I immediately put it in the DVD player and watched it all including the photo montage. Klint wasn't too happy about that he said he should have given it to me last! But I LOVE LOVE LOVE my wedding video. Thank you Klint you are wonderful and you looked so cute and skinny on our wedding day! Everytime I watch it it makes me love Klint even more ; ) which is why everyone should have a wedding video!!! And thank you again Kris for filming it. I love the shots you got I will always treasure it. So yeah, it was a good Christmas!

We stopped at my Dad's house before spending the rest of the day at my mom's.

My mom gave the girls aprons that she made and the boys got ties:

I think Brandon & Klint were a little too excited about their ties!

Here is my niece Matilda as "Aunt Jemima!"

My sister, Cara, loves to ruin every photo she is in with me as you can see!

Here's some miscellaneous Christmas stuff!
Carl "helped" me decorate the tree this year
There was a house with tons of Christmas lights on it so brightly decorated and the lights were going to Christmas music! The house to the left of it had a big construction arrow pointed to the house saying "DITTO!" It was funny to see!

WHY WHY WHY WHY???????? And I know what you're thinking NO we did not buy this for Carl I made Klint take pictures of it while we were at Walmart though!
Really? Playing Backgammon and holding the remote? Come on

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snowshoeing Christmas Eve

We've made it a tradition to go snowshoeing on Christmas eve. Then we go home eat Papa Murphy's pizza and watch movies the rest of the night.

I told Klint that one of the reasons people can get sad/depressed in the winter is from lack of sun. And that we absorb Vitamin D from the sun through our skin. I turn around to get Carl and Klint had already started stripping! Here he is just soaking up the rays... mind you it was freezing cold! ha ha silly boy

Carl stretching after being in the backpack...How come he doesn't need showshoes!?

A couple snowflakes I found on my coat that didn't melt before I took the picture