Thursday, February 26, 2009


What do U2, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, & Morrissey have in common? Besides all being amazing they all have new albums being released within 2 months of each other...oh, and I love them! When it comes to "my" music it seems that there's always a 3 to 4 year drought and then bountiful! I just hate the long wait. Thank you Courtney for letting me know about Depeche Mode this morning; thank you Cara for emailing me the Pet Shop Boys link; and thank you Target for putting Morrissey in you ad. Maybe Cara is the only one out there that will appreciate this post, but I am really excited...I mean really excited I was dancing around the house listening to Pet Shop Boys the other night while Klint was just staring at me thinking 'who did I marry!'

Morrissey: "Years of Refusal"
Out now!
Not touring in the west : (

U2: "No Line on the Horizon"
Release date March 3rd
No tour dates announced yet

Pet Shop Boys: "Yes"
Release date March 21st)
No US tour dates announced yet

Depeche Mode: "Sounds of the Universe"
Release date April 21st
E-Center August 25th
Tickets go on sale March 21st for Depeche Mode and you better believe I'll be there! Klint actually has been looking forward to DM coming ever since I've got him listening to Dave Gahan and the heavier "Songs of Faith and Devotion"....Oh, and you're welcome!

Bye the way I found this Quiz on : Bono & The Edge were on a radio show in the UK and were asked these questions that they had to answer with the Singles (songs) they had done. I didn't listen to the program to hear the "right" answers, but here are the answers U2 fans came up with. But try to figure them out first before you scroll to the bottom...Good luck!

1. If you were going hiking, what would you need to do to your feet?
2. What's a more popular term for the first of January?
3. Name me one of the seven deadly sins?
4. What is a warning you'd shout to a German toddler?
5. What's the best thing about 'I Can't Believe it's not Butter'?
6. Name me a type of apple?
7. You might suffer a bout of this at the top of the Empire State Building?
8. What should you make sure you give to a broken leg to help it heal ?
9. What's always the tastiest item on the desert trolley?
10.Which place would Google maps never work on satellite navigation?

Scroll down for the answers...

U2 fans answers to Quiz:
1. Get On Your Boots
2. New Year’s Day
3. Pride
4. Achtung Baby
5. Even Better Than the Real Thing
6. Scarlet (someone put Bad and Lemon)
7. Vertigo
8. Elevation (someone said Miracle Drug also!)
9. The Sweetest Thing
10.Where the Streets Have No Name

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tapioca Everybody!

Last night Klint and I attended the Annual Alzheimer's Gala at the Marriott in Salt Lake City (we go because his work donates to the Alzheimer's Association of Utah). This year's theme was "The Jazzy 20's" so it was either "black tie or Jazzy 20's attire." As I don't have a fancy dress nor did I want to go through what I've been through the last 3 years trying to find a dress for this event I opted to dress up as a flapper! Not that I don't love dressing up it's just that Klint forgot to tell me about this until the middle of the week thanks honey! But Klint actually helped me put my outfit together, while he rented this sexy pinstripe tux and lovely shoes! Klint was actually the best dressed guy there! I tried really hard to make my hair look like it was in a 20's bob. If you've ever seen the movie "Thoroughly Modern Millie" you'll know why my blog title is what it is. And that's the reason I took a picture inside the elevator!

..................Dessert!................. I liked Klint's shoes!.............. In the elevator..........

Friday, February 20, 2009

4 Years Ago I Had This Accident:

February 20th, 2005 I had a rollover accident on I-15 in my step-dad's new truck which I completely destroyed! It was the day before I was supposed to move to Kaua'i, Hawaii for 6 months. I should have died, but thanks to angels I was uninjured! I ended up still moving to Hawaii a week later, but it sure scared Klint into liking more than he did at the time! I'm going to post more pictures, but here are some to start...

My hair was was red from from all the little cuts on my head!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Carl's Friends

I think we started a fad...
Klint and I spent the weekend watching puppies at Cara's house. So Carl had a blast with his Mom (Emma), brother (Chowder), and sister (Pearl) who are all much bigger than him. Carl LOVES his siblings and he plays constantly with them. His mom growls when Carl is around, but by the end of the weekend even those two were playing. If we are going over to my sister's I say to Carl, "Do you wanna go see the PUPPIES!?" his ears perk up and he gets really excited because he knows where we are going. When Carl meets/sees new dogs he usually growls, barks, and tries to be intimidating even though they are bigger than him. But when it comes to his friends...

Maya is Carl's girlfriend she belongs to our friend C-Bass. If you remember they both met when they were only a few weeks old down at the Cabin and they love each other! Now that Maya is much bigger she dominates yet Carl is the instigator of the "fighting." By the time I'm sick of them and pull Carl away he is wet from saliva. It's funny because they hadn't seen each other for a few months and yet they still remember each other and instantly started playing.

This is Norris Jon's dog... okay well maybe he isn't considered one of Carl's friends after he peed on Carl through his crate on New Year's hmmmm. Carl is scared of Norris so when they were in Norris's crate together Carl just sat there and shook and whined a bit to get out.

Serious is our friends' Mike & Sarah's new Miniature Schnauzer puppy. We put them down to play and Carl would not leave my lap you can see I was pushing him out to play. Serious started barking playfully at Carl and wanting to play but Carl was scared to death...we think he's racist! Hopefully they will become friends though. Update 2/22 Carl and Serious played together tonight for quite awhile. Serious kept chasing Carl who would run away and try to hide, but I think they played nicely together and so silently! ha Serious is already bigger than Carl.

Last night our friend Scott brought over his 4 week old Jack Russell Terrier named Izzy. Carl LOVED her, I was surprised how interested he was in her (I loved her too). She is so tiny and such a sweetheart. She comes right to you when you call, but she liked hiding under the couch. Carl knew that she was just a baby and was playing so gentle with her. I think that maybe Maya has some competition for Carl's love!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mary's "Blog"on Journal Writing...

I'm never one to just "Blog" what I'm thinking I usually just post pictures and events, but here is my first official Blog...enjoy: I've been reading some of my old journals lately and all I keep saying to myself is "WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!?!" I even read the ridiculous/embarrassing parts to Klint (he's probably wondering 'who did I marry?' ha) Why are we supposed to keep journals again?!...Nothing good would come out of having my children and posterity read mine. Perhaps I will need to make a clause in my will that when I die my journals must be burned immediately. It makes me think that perhaps we aren't supposed to write about what happens in our daily life, but just write about our Spiritual experiences. That way they are a testimony of our lives instead of being embarrassing and quite boring. I think the point where I stopped being embarrassed of my journals was when I started dating Klint (insert reaction: "Ahhhh sweet!!") Since being with him I haven't regretted anything and my self-esteem greatly improved. It's fun reading about all the sweet, loving, funny things he's said or done for me. I don't know why I've stopped writing in my journal, but maybe it's because I'm happy with who I am and who I'm with, and can just go out and enjoy life! I will write again when I have kids to document their lives.

Excerpt from journal February 20th, 2005 the day I got in my rollover truck accident on the freeway only a few weeks after Klint and I started dating (this makes me glad I kept a journal back then): "Klint said he can't sleep when I'm around, because I make his heart race! And that I've scared him twice in the last 24 hours...why? First when I told him I loved him and getting in the accident because he didn't know how serious it was. He said that it made him realized maybe he likes me more than he thought! I love Klint."

CONTINUATION: Sunday I taught Klint's 16-17 year old Sunday School class while he was recovering from his apioectomy (tooth surgery) and I took the entire class time going off on tangents! First off the kids had just had Sweetheart's Dance the night before, so they boys were complaining about how hard it is to think of creative day date ideas. Then for some reason we got onto the subject of engagements and I "lectured" the boys on NOT going ring shopping with their gals, but doing a surprise engagement (even if they have to use a temporary ring) and again the boys complained about not being creative enough. I told them they could come to me and Klint and ask for help when the time comes. It really makes it more special when the boy chooses the ring and surprises you instead of "hey, I like you let's go ring shopping, then you pretend to be surprised when I ask you to marry me!" Then of course the class asked me to tell the story of my engagement and I also told them of Bryce & Beth's, and Scott & Tasia's. Finally I said we have to start the lessson on 'Personal Revelation' so I asked for experiences, but ended up telling my story of when Klint and I were broken up and how God kept telling me not to give up on him even though it was killing me. Which led to why we were broken up and it just went on and on Yikes! Needless to say we didn't get through our lesson...looks like I'm teaching it again next week. If Klint would have been there he wouldn't have let me go off on these tangents (he's a good teacher), but the class enjoyed it ha!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Girls' Temple Night

I've been wanting to go the temple with my ladies for quite awhile, so I finally arranged it. Last night after work we all met at the Provo Temple for an Endowment Session. It was such a cool feeling to be there with the women I love. Sister Cara, Aunt Karen, Sister-in-law Jayann, Mom, and Henny my Step-mom all came. Cara, being 7 months pregnant (I've been corrected she is 8 months pregnant), didn't enjoy it very much as she was very uncomfortable, but she sure did look cute! Afterwards we then went to the BYU Creamery ice cream.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

January 2008 Month in Review

New Years Day playing games at Paul & Jayann's....Klint & Carl night sledding

This was our only try at this picture Carl just happened to look at the camera right when Klint took it!

Carl would sled down with Klint, then run back up to the top to me!

Klint & Bryce's longtime friend, Jeff, got married....Bryce was hoping there was a nut/mint mix at the reception...there was!

After the reception we went "Outback tonight!"....It was the YM/YW Etiquette Night and we were the hosts!

View from my Mom's house
We had dinner at my parent's home; then we returned the favor a week later...
Our first time having ANY of our parents over for dinner EVER it's only been 2 years! Oh, and Mom likes Carl

Klint and Bryce "playing" Bryce's brother's game he made up years ago!

Our friend Sebastian aka C-Bass's Birthday Meat Party!

We played a variation of 'Mafia' where we all made up ridiculous characters for each other, then acted them out while trying to figure out the murderer. It was hilarious I was laughing SO hard!... If you notice Tasia was an old man, Beth was blind, Bryce was obessed with shoes, and in one the games both Klint and Scott ended up being "valley girls!" Highly recommended game!

Some of us girls went to Smith's at midnight, but apparently Saturday nights at Smith's is pick-people-up night. We were still in acting mode so we were "girls from the hood" and we got mocked as well as hit on!