Monday, March 23, 2009

Vegas for March Madness

We took off Thursday night to spend the weekend in Las Vegas at our friend Tom's place. (We actually spent the first night in Cedar City at Beth's parents house again; which is always a treat to see "Mama!") Klint and Bryce were getting the March Madness itch and since they have such fond memories of staying at Tom's while on the "Another Statistic" band tour summer of '06 they wanted to go back. Back on tour they just lounged all week at Tom's, went to the pool, and, oh yeah, Bryce played a few shows! The boys even went back to Tom's the last two years in March. Vegas' weather was just lovely...I was actually hot. The boys really got into the basketball games and Beth and I just relaxed and enjoyed not having to do anything. On the way back we hit snow in Cedar City...again! I don't know why I was surprised since it seems that EVERY time we head back from our trips down south we hit snow. Thanks Tom for a fun weekend!

This was pretty much the view for most of Saturday! Notice their "parlay" board up?

Lucky me Klint doesn't watch sports, except occasionally golf, but he really got into these games!.... Carl & Smith hanging out

Out at the pool where Bryce & Klint found and killed 3 black widows yuck!

Klint and Bryce switched shorts ha ha!....Then started lifting weights to "impress" us!

My camera's battery died, so we had to take pictures with Tom on Klint's Macbook Photobooth!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cara's Baby *GIRL* Shower!

So my step-sister, Kris, and I threw Cara a baby shower on Saturday since she's FINALLY having her baby girl! I guest-posted on Cara's blog for her so read it HERE. Although I'm not crafty I went over to Cara's house and she helped me use her Stampin' Up supplies to make the invitations. The hardest part is figuring out the design, then it's easy duplicating it. I like examples I don't like coming up with something myself... I should be an assembly line worker looks like I found my calling in life! Anyway, congratulations Cara I'm excited to meet Matilda Pearl!