Sunday, June 21, 2009

Campin' in the rain

We went camping again up American Fork Canyon with Klint's sister, Teri, and her family. So there was Teri, Larry, Kimi, Staci, and their friend Kimbo again, as well as Tori, Klint's sister who was in town from Pennsylvania. We don't see much of Tori so it was nice to visit with her, but she is moving to Utah soon!
So this camping experience can be summed up in one word...RAIN! It just rained and rained and poured and poured. They were staying in a tent trailer, so that was nice. Klint set up the spring bar tent and cozy hidden up in the trees. Because of the rain we didn't do much and Carl stayed inside my jacket the WHOLE time ha! He was cold, plus when we did have the fire going he does not like smoke, so he sticks his head down. Klint went fly fishing Saturday afternoon when the rain cleared for a bit, I stayed in the truck and read and fell asleep. I was woken up by hard pounding rain and lighting & thunder. I looked out on Timble Fork Reservoir and Klint was the ONLY fisherman left out in the water ha ha! He loved it he caught about 15 fish! We did get our smores in, apparently they all think I am obsessed with marshmallows...what? I only ate a whole bag by myself. I love to roast marshmallows. Sunday morning I left early to make cakes and get ready for Matilda's Baby blessing. Thanks Klint for setting everything up and for taking it all down! And thanks Teri and Tori for the delicious meals.
Our Campsite..........................Klint all waterproofed to go fish
After Fly fishing in the pouring rain.........S'mores!
Yum!........................................Carl inside my jacket making for a weird shaped belly
And Carl inside Staci's jacket.....Carl sleeping
The dog person...........It got smokey so Carl was down in Staci's jacket, but then was trying to get out and was heading down Staci's sleeve!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

AF Canyon/Alpine Loop/Cascade Springs/Rain

Sunday Klint took me on a drive up American Fork Canyon to check out the campsite we have reserved for this weekend. Klint, Carl, and I went on a walk around all the campsites up at Granite Flats. Then on to other campsites where we were told the best campsite to reserve from the one of the camp managers. After that we decided to take the Alpine Loop down to Provo Canyon home, but on the way decided to go to Cascade Springs. It was really strange being there since I haven't been to Cascade Springs for at least 15 years when I went with my mom. While there it started raining....hard!! The place cleared out and we were the only ones left there because I was taking pictures! Klint said this is his favorite June ever because he loves the cool weather and the rain. I can not believe how much it has rained; I don't mind the rain I just haven't been able to ride my bike to work for awhile : (


Carl loves to run back and forth between Klint and me teasing us. Carl will run to me, but then at the last second will dodge me and run back to Klint, then dodge Klint and run back to me. So while up the canyon we were on this big field so he was running so hard back and forth between us for awhile before I decided to film this.

Carl HATES water and because there is water under bridges he hates bridges too. So when he walks across bridges he sort of stradles them with his back legs and goes across so fast because he is scared!
Since Carl hates water he really wasn't liking the pouring rain! He looked so sad acting like he was getting pelted by the rain ha ha!

Here are some more pictures of the pathetic Carl, but that's why we love him! He really was fine. In fact, I don't know why he hates water SO much, when he LOVES getting dried off and running around after. I put my jacket around him in the car and dried him off and he was loving it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dad Home from Kuwait!

My dad got home from Kuwait, late Thursday night, for a 2 week stay before he goes back to Kuwait where he is serving in the Army. The last time he was home on leave was in September. Poor Henny, my step-mom, who misses him while he's gone....not to say that we don't miss him ; ) Paul had a steak BBQ in Dad's honor Friday night where we were entertained by Dad's talk of his 4 that really necessary?! Anyway, here are pictures from the event.

Paul singing (then dancing) along to Christopher Cross concert!!
Yes, we are nerdy, but I think Paul takes the cake in this picture!
And why in silly pictures do I always have my mouth wide open?!
Brandon is "joweling"?!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Week 1 of Klint Being At Home

So one week down... the rest of the summer to go ha! It's weird having Klint at home and not going to work each day. [You could call him a stay-at-home-dad to Carl! He really has been wearing Carl out who is used to just sleeping all day instead of going on long walks, hikes, and runs with Klint.] Each morning Klint will say to me, "Do you want to know what I'm going to do today?" I humor him and say "sure" ; ) He then proceeds to tell me what his plans are for that day. It's actually kinda cute he even writes down a daily "to-do" list and checks each item off as he goes. I love that he is motivated to accomplish things and especially that he wants to clean and organize the house! Besides the recreation and cleaning I've noticed that Klint calls me a lot during the day!! I was worried that Klint would become more of a night-owl than he already is, but luckily he's still been going to bed with me at night and waking up in the morning. The following is an account of Klint's week:
*7:30am hike up Grove Creek Canyon with Bryce & Carl
*Breakfast prepared by Beth
*Golf 9 holes at Fox Hollow with Bryce
*Clean up Carl's area; buy bigger dog crate
*Meeting in Salt Lake for a Wedding Video for a client with Mary
*Take a run with Carl
*Edit down another wedding video to put on Kandm Films blog
*Took the truck to get safety/emissions testing (it failed!)
*Weed Garden (took 3 hours!)
*Clean out storage closet
*Put up new storage shelves in storage closet
*Organize food storage
*Take Mary to Lunch at The Smoking Apple
*Shop with Mary for new picture frames for living room
*Get sewing machine cabinet out of storage unit
*Web-cam chat with Kris (about his screenplay)
*Home Depot to find a bolt to anchor sewing machine to cabinet
*Golf 18 holes in the rain with Bryce
*Sort what items from our storage closet can go to our storage unit
*Decide on and arrange where to put new pictures on wall
*Take junk to storage unit
*Take the truck to the mechanic
*Long walk home from the mechanic with Carl
*Clean and organize the house (ALL DAY!!!)
*Take another load to the storage unit
*Do laundry (this is amazing Klint hardly ever does laundry!)
*Install new light fixture in bedroom
*Hang new pictures on wall
I'm probably leaving stuff out, but that's what I can remember!
Wow! writing all that made me realize exactly how much Klint has done this week. Klint says he feels busier than when he is working. Isn't he such a sweetheart for taking care of everything for me I'm spoiled! Now he needs to edit his many videos tapes of footage. There is much anticipation for him to edit the "Another Statistic" tapes from their band tour 2006. My film requests are to see my wedding video on an actual DVD, as well as a movie made from the footage he filmed of us in Hawaii when he surprise visited me. And I told him I wanted to make a short film with him!
Oh, and my favorite thing about Klint not working is that he is able to grow out his beard and hair! I'm SO excited. The only time he's had a beard was when he was on tour. It's only been a week of growth, but I LOVE it. I think he looks SO good. I haven't taken a picture yet, but here are shots of him when he had a beard yay!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Changes at Havasupai!

This will be Klint's 9th year in a row going to Havasupai. Havasupai is the Supai Indian Reservation near the Grand Canyon that homes the most beautiful waterfalls in the midst of a desert canyon. Klint was always talking about this place and I didn't think I would be impressed since I'd lived in Kaua'i, Hawai'i and seen beautiful waterfalls. But seeing it and the gorgeous blue/green water in person was moving! I was awe-struck not only is Havasupai amazingly beautiful, but it is a water wonderland and so fun. This will be my 4th year going only this year will be different because of the flood that happened in August. Klint has been worried about going because he didn't know what to expect with the flood damage. Havasupai has been closed ever since the flood and has just re-opened June 1st. Klint has been wanting to see what it's like now, so he's been researching online and he found some video footage online on You Tube (you can fast forward to the 3 minute mark) as well as some good pictures of someone who just went there on June 4th the pictures show the changes and the new waterfalls! We're sad about the damages (silt build-up at Mooney Falls, change of Havasu falls, and loss of Navajo Falls). Klint is nervous about going, but we're still on for June 24th-28th, so we'll see I know it will still be fun. We've got a bunch of people going already, but if you're up to going let us know!

Navajo Falls
Klint jumping off

My favorite: Havasu Falls

Mooney Falls

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My First Time Golfing WITH Klint!

After being together for 4 years Klint finally asked me to go golfing WITH him and not just come to ride around in the cart! Well, actually Bryce asked, and Klint thought I would say no, but I was so excited to go! I've only been golfing twice for work, but I was happy that Klint wanted to golf with me. So Bryce, Beth, Smith, Klint and I went to Fox Hollow Golf Course. I just used Klint's clubs...okay just his driver and his rescue. Klint said he was impressed with me! It was fun and such a beautiful day with the clouds coming. I hope to go again Klint! hint hint ; )