Monday, September 14, 2009

Carl was "Lost"......... for a whole 45 minutes!

On Sunday our friends Bryce & Beth were over at our place. Bryce had to run to our church for a choir practice. So when he went to leave I let Carl go outside with him (we often let him outside by himself). A few minutes later one of the little boys from upstairs came to our door and said that Carl was running down the street so Klint went out to get him. (He must have chased Bryce thinking it was Klint leaving) When Klint got back 10 minutes later with no Carl I got scared! So I got on my bike and rode all the way down (and back up) my street calling for Carl in the pouring rain! Meanwhile Klint was looking for him in the truck. It was lightning with LOUD thunder so I was thinking "poor Carl must be scared and wet by now." Mind you I was praying this whole time! About an hour after Carl had been missing I asked Klint to go back to the house and call for him again there. Soon after I got a call from Klint saying Carl was home! He had come back in the house by himself about 15 minutes before and had come up to Beth (but she didn't have a phone to call us and let us know!) Carl must have known he was in trouble or maybe he was just scared because when he came in Beth said he had his tail between his legs and his ears back! It was all my fault that Carl was "lost" for a whole 45 minutes, but I'm glad he's back. There was one crash of thunder that scared the heck out of me, so I'm sure it scared Carl half to death. Beth even thought lightning hit the house! So I'm glad I still have my little Carl and I'll be more careful from now on. I must not be a very good pet owner because this is at least the 3rd time Carl could have died because of me Yikes! So Carl I'm glad you're not lost or dead. The end.

Thank You for the Happy Birthday!

Thank you to my wonderful family and friends for giving me such a happy birthday! It was wonderful. Many visits, phone calls, cards, facebook messages, emails, hugs, gifts, and treats so thank you thank you! My birthday lasted seriously a week and a half with all the birthday wishes!

Klint picked me up after work and took me to the Outback for dinner and the mall (where he pretended that he wasn't bored while I shopped!) Then we came home and Bryce & Beth surprised me with a cute cake, and my favorite Bunny Tracks ice cream!

Bri surprised me at work with this beautiful fruit bouquet (that she made herself amazing!) and my favorite candies!

Doesn't it look delicious?!... And my friend, John, at work made me yummy crepes which he's been promising to make for 2 years! John is the inventor of the "Draw Collar" if you have a wood-burning stove you should check it out!

(I will soon post our Labor Day cabin trip which has become part of my birthday)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day at the Cabin & Zion's 2009

We had our annual wonderful Labor day trip to the Cabin down in Cedar City thanks to Bruce & RosaLee! This time we had a very full house with friends and Klint's family all coming.

I had a good start to the trip by getting my ankle/heel getting run over by our car! I was in the back seat and put my foot down out of the car before Klint had fully pulled into the parking space. I freaked and started yelling "BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP!!!!" Klint, Bryce, & Beth thought I was joking! I was so lucky that I was just fine and was able to go hiking the next day in Zion's. (Notice the tire tracks on my ankle? Don't mind my dry heel! ha)

We hike "Angel's Landing" in Zion's every year. You would think we would try a new hike, but this is such a rewarding hike with a such a gorgeous view! I didn't even get nauseas this time I did really well!

Elaine & C-Bass catching some air on the hike down....Kasi teaching us yoga as we waited for the bus
Teri brought a new game called "Blurt" we played it until 3:30 am until we used ALL the cards... I won! It helped that Kasi was giving me an amazing pedicure and foot massage during it thanks Kas.

We look forward to the traditional visit from Bruce & RosaLee for Sunday dinner which is always delicious!
The "Texas Hold 'Em" game was played in character and you had to stay in character the whole game! (I can't remember everyone's character, but Klint was Australian, and Sebastian was from the Middle-East!) It was hilarious
This was Elaine & Sebastian's first trip as a "couple" with the friends!
There were a total of 18 of us staying at the cabin this trip. (Sorry to those of you that got un-invited!)
Okay, so coming down from "Angel's Landing" in Zion's there are these switchbacks called "Walter's Wiggles" well it's easier on the knees and gets you down faster if you kind of skip down and flap your arms to balance you. So I was doing it and told the others about it, but of course they had to mock me by looking real ridiculous and "cawing" like birds, so here is a video of the raucus!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's my 26th birthday today, so I was able to get a new Drivers License yay! I love getting new drivers licenses. I guess it's because of the fact that you keep your license for 5 whole years, so getting a new one with a new picture is refreshing! The Drivers License Division had sent me a renew-by-mail form to send in...BLAH No I wanted a new one! Besides a lot changes from age 16 (puberty nose) to 21 and again to 26 (although I did get one at age 23 after I got married). So I went back to look at my old licenses and thought I would share with you enjoy and Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Havasupai 2009: IX Klint IV Mary ***FINALLY!!!!***

Havasupai 2009

Sorry for the delay in this post it's been over 2 months since we got back from our yearly trip to Havasupai! I've been procrastinating this because I knew I would have tons of pictures to choose from and that I wanted to find old pictures to compare with what it looks like now since the flood. So click on the above link to see the album. And below you will see before and after pictures of the changes. Klint and Elaine said it was their best year! Although it may not have been quite as pretty it was sure fun to see the changes and new waterfalls created from the massive flood last August. It definately was our most adventurous year.
The best thing that came from Havasupai was "Elastian!"

Elaine & Sebastian were jokingly holding hands down there, but it ended up becoming real and they started dating! Those who find out are shocked and then ask if it's weird for me or Klint, and the answer is an ecstatic NO, we love it! Yes, it was a surprise at first, but we couldn't be happier that they're together. It only took 5 years of friendship and 5 days in Havasupai! Congratulations "Elastian" we love you two.

Pictures of Havasupai Waterfalls before and after the flood damage:
Click HERE to go to slideshow

Havasu Falls

Mooney Falls

Navajo Falls