Monday, January 26, 2009

Klint's Guitar Hero Family Birthday Party

Klint's Family Birthday Party!
Klint did have a surprise for his birthday; we had a little party for him at his brother's house because Klint's sister, Teri, got all his siblings and parents together to give Klint Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit for Wii. Klint was so surprised! He's been so excited for that game, but didn't think he'd be able to get it for a very long time; he loves playing the drums especially to the TOOL songs! Thank you all for your generous contributions what a kind family! Thank you to Teri who also arranged this, Sean & Angela who also took the time to purchase it, Pat & James Klint's parents, Kasi, Tori, Kris & Nicole, and "Muder Thompson" Klint's Mom. You're the best!

Teri & Klint put together a DVD of videos Kimi made while in NYC and surprised her with it. They were funny videos!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


This is the 3rd year in a row that we went to St George with the friends to celebrate Klint's (28th) birthday in January. In fact, that's all Klint wanted for his birthday was this trip. We stay in a nice big condo with fabulous friends, ate delicious food, soaked it up in the hot tub, enjoyed the warmer weather, and the boys got to golf. The same group as last year came: Bryce & Beth (& Smith), Scott & Tasia, and Eric & Alison. We were spoiled each day by the most wonderful meals care of Beth, Tasia, and Alison. My favorite dishes (the sweet ones of course) were Beth's apple a la easy dessert and Alison's blueberry french toast strata yum yum yum! The highlight of the trip for Bryce & Klint was the maroon blazer that they bought at D.I. for the winner of golf.... it gets better, they found a lady in St George to embroider the jacket in gold thread! On the blazer it says:
"St George Winter Classic
2008: Bryce ...

2009: "
I kept thinking who does stuff like this?! They are funny boys I love it! And then the pictures of Eric, who was this year's winner, are priceless!
We are lucky lucky girls!

We stayed at Beth's parents in Cedar Thursday night, so Friday (Klint's actual birthday) we were woken up to Bryce & Beth who cooked Klint a delicious french toast breakfast. Bryce had even made up a menu for us to choose from and then he served us!

Klint and Bryce take great pride in cleaning their golf clubs before the big tournament!...Beth giving Bryce a kidney transplant (with a golf club and tomato sauce!)

Bryce & Klint giddy after getting the blazer embroidered!...Bryce wearing the jacket to dinner

Dinner at the Benja Thai restaurant in St George yummy and no Alison & Eric are not albino!

The boys bonding on the balcony (I like where Eric & Klint's feet are!)

The girls inside having "girl talk"....later all together

The boys teeing off at their golf tournament the "St George Winter Classic!"

On the course....Scott found a ton of balls
These next pictures are my favorite: Eric won the "St George Winter Classic" 2009. So here are the many pictures telling the story of Bryce handing over the blazer to the new champion Eric! Enjoy...

I was laughing my head off when I saw these pictures of Eric...Wow!

The girls preparing dinner Saturday night....Klint grilling up the steaks

Dinner....Klint enjoying his Apple a la Easy birthday dessert...after dinner

We went swimming notice that Klint is just in the background hanging?!


The boys kept climbing on this waterfall that had a sign:"No climbing on the waterfall!" ...Eric & Alison kindly stayed back to watch Smith

Eric & Klint crying over some old Nintendo game...Alison's Blueberry French Toast Strata
The boys playing with Smith

Eric's head sticking out of nowhere?! They were observing the water tension on the glass...Klint pretending to be a Timeshare salesman really pressuring Beth!

Alison & Eric ready to go home in victory... Klint's a little pooped from a fun-filled weekend

Good bye St George we'll see you next year