Thursday, April 30, 2009

Roller-blading & Biking Down Provo Canyon

Klint called me at work really excited about his idea for us to go down the
Provo Canyon trail - me on my bike and Klint on his roller-blades...
bad idea!
So we went up the canyon last night (we parked the car at the bottom and our truck at the top at Vivian Park where we started from). Klint hasn't been on his roller-blades for at least 4 years; and I have never owned any roller-blades so I pretty much have no experience with them especially on an incline. We brought Carl along in my backpack he was enjoying the smells in the canyon. So we head out and were just riding along enjoying the views. Klint tells me that if we get to a steep part he'll need to come behind me and grab my backpack to help slow him down. I obviously forgot because I pulled ahead of Klint since it was pretty straight and then saw a sign that said STEEP GRADE with an arrow turning. I didn't think anything of it as I'm always on my bike riding down hills going to work. I get to the bottom of the mini hill when I hear "Babe! Babe!" So I stop and look back and see Klint coming at me full speed! I didn't even know what to do. A split second later there's Klint crashed on his bum! I got off my bike and came running up to him so frantic! "Are you okay? Are you okay?...Oh I'm so sorry!" Klint got the wind knocked out of him, so it made me think that there was something seriously wrong! I just kept apologizing and feeling so bad for abandoning him. I saw that sign, but it didn't even cross my mind about Klint on his roller blades; again I have never roller bladed down a hill so I didn't even think that Klint needed any help. So after Klint caught his breath and said he was okay I got mad! First off when Klint told me he wanted to go roller blading down the canyon the first thought came to my head was Klint crashing hard and getting all scraped up and hurt. "I hate roller blading!" Plus then Klint told me that his roller blades are trick ones and don't have brakes! "What!?!" The last time Klint did this trail was about 5 years ago with Eric on a long board where he crashed hard and got a hematoma on his thigh/butt and broke and lost his Nixon watch. Well deja vu because Klint thinks he will now have a hemoatoma on his opposite thigh and scratched up his new Nixon watch; you think he would have learned! Ooooh I was mad at Klint and myself and the rollerblades! I thought I was going to have to drive down the hill and get the car to pick up Klint, but he insisted on going the rest of the way and that he was fine. Anyway, I'm glad Klint didn't get hurt worse, but now we know to heed warning signs! And that was the ONLY sign on the whole trail for good reason! Ahhhhh

This was the video I took right before the crash:


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crazy Eye

Just thought I'd share with you pictures of my crazy eye from last week!
I was at work sitting at my desk when my boss came up to me to ask a question when in the middle of his sentence he exclaimed "What's wrong with your eyes!?" I figured I had mascara under my eye since I had been rubbing my eye. So I looked in the mirror and saw that my right pupil was dialated while my left eye was normal! I had been rubbing my eye earlier because there was something in it. I rubbed it so bad I had to take my contact out, wash my eye, and then put my contact back in (as well as put on more mascara!) After that I noticed that my right eye was blurry strange because my contact was on right. Little did I know that it dialated which is why my vision was so blurry! Anyway, it eventually went back down that evening.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Thoroughly Modern Millie!

Just got back from "Thoroughly Modern Millie" play at the Scera.

Mom, Larry, & Auntique came with me.

I "thoroughly" enjoyed it, though I still prefer the movie.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Beautiful Breezy's Birthday

Darling Bri turned 24 today
She delighted us with her company to celebrate with cake!

The boys were watching footage from the "Another Statistic" tour 2006 that Klint filmed.
It made me sad because I sure miss going to those shows!

The girls had girl talk of course- Danielle, Bri's darling sister came too

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Newest Niece!

My only sister finally had a baby girl giving me MY very own niece...I can't believe it! It's been almost 8 years since I've been at the hospital for her when her first, Cameron, was born. (I was living in St Thomas when Eamon was born almost 5 years ago so I missed that.) So weird that Cara has a girl! And Matilda Pearl is SO beautiful!!! She looks like adorable Cameron when he was born, but she has the smallest sweetest little nose and chin. She is precious. Now I have 18 nieces and 18 nephews Wow!, but Matilda is MY niece from MY sister. Crazy. Matilda has my "fake" middle name you know?! My great Aunt Darlene and I swapped middle names about 12 years ago on a trip to Yellowstone ha! Our great grandmother was Matilda. Oh she is a doll. I can't wait to hang out with her.

You can go to Cara's blog she looked great right after giving birth! The first thing Cara said to me when I walked into her hospital room was "You're going to have an epidural!" ha

When the nurse was washing Matilda she threw her arms up in the air "What are you doing?!" and started quiver-crying it was so cute!

Cameron is in love with her it's so cute! Meanwhile Eamon was acting like a punk at the hospital he really doesn't care or is jealous not sure?!

Notice Cameron's face in the background?!

Surprisingly seeing Matilda hasn't made me baby hungry (I can go over and see her whenever I want), but it has made me want to give Matilda a playmate! Too bad I'm planning on two boys just runs in the family. Maybe Klint's side full of girls will change that though?!

Congratulations Cara and Brandon I'm so excited for you!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Birthday Tea Party!

Beth sent me an invitation for a birthday party on Saturday for her sister, Megan as well as for Tasia (who both share their birthday on the 6th). The party was for "Tea and crumpets" at 5:30 following a sit down dinner at 6:00. We were instructed to wear a fun, fashionable dress, as well as to wear our hair in a cute style!

I was really excited about this so after General Conference, which was wonderful bye the way, I put on an old dress (one I got for Seminary Graduation ha) and actually curled my hair. Klint said that I looked like a "First Lady."

I got to Beth's house and she had decorated the house so cute, with a sitting area for the "tea and crumpets" then ladies started coming. Everyone dressed up so cute and such fancy hairstyles! Isn't it great being a girl?! All the boys were jealous they couldn't stay, but they did get to go to the Priesthood session.

Beth prepared and served a delicious dinner. We were all stuffed and popping out of our dresses ; ) Thanks Beth for a memorable night and Happy Birthday Megan and Tasia! Love you

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last Year's April Fools on Klint

Last Year I completely fooled Klint on April Fools involving a product called "Yoga Toes." To give some background to the story I work with a guy named John who is a big prankster. He is constantly scheming up ideas for playing jokes on people including me! So John came up with this idea for me to fool Klint, but I didn't think Klint would believe me...boy was I wrong! He fell for it so much that I felt guilty. Here's what happened:

A few days before I had ordered these toe stretchers online called "Yoga Toes" they're made to exercise your toes so they're not so crammed. Klint knew I was buying a pair for each of us (since I really thought Klint's feet would benefit from these after all of his foot surgeries.) So I ordered two pairs and got an email confirmation of the order.

On April 1st I altered the invoice to reflect that I actually bought 2 cases instead of 2 pairs; below in very small print it said that each case was 100 pairs. So that it charged my American Express card $7169.99! I also changed the return policy and contact info. My friend John started an email account as Chin raha a Chinese guy who supposedly sold me the Yoga Toes. So I emailed Chin ra back and forth telling him to cancel my order, etc. [CLICK ON EMAILS BELOW TO SEE LARGER!]

This is the invoice that I altered....The the second one I circled the good parts I changed

These emails show my conversations back and forth with Chin ra

Then after I did all this I text Klint to tell him kind of what was going on and for him to call me right away. Klint called me just as he was getting to his sister's house. So I told him what had happened: how we couldn't cancel the order; and once returned we couldn't get a full refund it would take 4-6 weeks to get part of our money back; that we went over our American Express limit, but that I'd already called AmEx and they said it could take up to 8 weeks to get the refund once I fill out a report; I said that Yoga Toes didn't have a U.S. number to call only one in China. I told Klint to check his email I forwarded him my conversations with Yoga Toes. Bye the way, this joke went on for quite awhile. Klint, who was at his sister's house, immediately asked to use her computer to check his email and he said he'd call me back. So after awhile Klint called me back and I could tell he was really worried and upset. The perfect thing of all this was that Klint and I were in a fight so I really was in a somber mood, so when we talked on the phone I was dead serious (otherwise I normally would have laughed and ruined the whole thing!) Hearing how stressed out Klint was by this whole situation I covered the phone and told John that Klint was really upset and I was feeling guilty so I had to tell him the truth, so I handed the phone to John who in a Chinese accent said "Hi Kleent this is Chin Ra April Fool!" So John hands me back the phone, and I say hi and Klint says, "Very funny, so what are we going to do about this mess?!"..."Klint, it's a joke" he thought I meant putting John on the phone was a joke, so I had to tell him that this was all one big joke and that our credit card wasn't charged. "What?!" Klint had totally been taken for a ride and was SO relieved that it was a joke! And guess who wasn't mad at me anymore from our fight?! Klint was so happy that it wasn't true that he didn't care anymore. He did say that he was just about to call that Chinese number on his cell phone! Later talking to Klint's sister, she said that she was totally sucked into it too, since she fights claims in court. She also said she'd never seen Klint like this he was sweating and so stressed out! I really didn't think this would go so far and that Klint would actually believe it, but he had his mind on work and because we were in a fight he was so unexpecting.

Klint said he is not answering ANY calls from my work tomorrow, so I'm not allowed to play a joke on him. Oh well, hope you guys have fun!
Bye the way this is Chin ra...he even has a profile on facebook!

Our Trip...finally!

Sorry I wanted to fool someone and Klint said I wasn't allowed to play a joke on him; in fact Klint didn't believe a word I said yesterday...not even normal stuff! I wish we were going on this trip maybe not for so long, but we opted not to go!

So as many of you know Klint and I have been planning a 6 month sabbatical to take a trip around the world for quite awhile now. We have been scared because of the economy, but we figured if we didn't do it now we probably never would! So we just bought the tickets a couple days ago so here is our itinerary:
May 5: Salt Lake City, Utah to Oahu, Hawaii
May 14: Oahu to Kauai, Hawaii to visit friends from when I lived there
May 26: Kauai, Hawaii to Fiji
June 16: Fiji to Sydney, Australia
June 24: Sydney to New Zealand
July 8: New Zealand to Singapore
July 14: Singapore to Bali, Indonesia then onto Jakarta to stay with family that lives there
Sept 9: Jakarta to Bankok, Thailand
Sept 29: Bankok to Hong Kong, China
Oct 6: Hong Kong to Turkey
Oct 14: Turkey to Rome, Italy
Oct 27: Italy to Paris, France (my dream!!!)
Nov 11: Paris to Denmark
Nov 17: Denmark to Stockholm, Sweden
Nov 25: Sweden to Iceland
Dec 8: Iceland to Dublin, Ireland!
Dec 23: Ireland to London, England where we'll spend Christmas
Jan 5: London, to New York City, NY
Jan 20: New York to Salt Lake City, UT...maybe ha ha

These are our planned tickets, but when we booked through we possibly can change for a fee. So hopefully we'll like these places. Klint is really excited. He's given his notice at work, but I have yet to so please keep it quiet. If you know of anyone living in these places please let us know. We have contacted quite a few people from to stay with, but we are on a tight budget. Thanks