Sunday, May 31, 2009

I got BIT by a dog!

...And the worst part is the dog looked like Carl! Only a little bit smaller and different coloring (and not as cute of course! ha)

I went to pick the dog up, but apparently it didn't want to be, so it got all jumpy and I was trying not to drop it so I was sort of juggling the dog until I kind of shoved it into its owner's arms who was next to me, but in the midst of the chaos it bit my nose. I felt it nip but it didn't hurt, and I didn't think it broke skin until I saw the blood! When I came out of the bathroom after cleaning it up (holding a tissue against my nose to stop the bleeding) everyone started asking me if I was okay and what happened then did I start crying...a lot! It was ridiculous because it didn't hurt I was embarrassed more than anything, but trying to explain to people I just couldn't stop crying! I guess it was a tramatic experience! Then after Elaine had calmed me down, Klint and Bryce walk in to my mascara smeared face sitting on Elaine's lap and I cried again! Oh, and the rest of the night the dog was just staring me down like it wanted to kill me!

Only click if you want to see my nasty deep gash up close (if you can handle it ha!) I got two little cuts yuck

Photos courtesy of Elaine...I was laughing and crying!
Sitting on Elaine's lap while she comforted me

After Elaine calmed me down.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I just found out that I have a 5 year old child!

My sister, Cara, thinks she is funny see her blog. She thinks she has discovered that I, Mary, am the mother of her child, Eamon! Just because I had Asian-looking eyes and a flat "Cabbage Patch Kid" nose growing up!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Down South Year 4

On Friday we went down to Bruce's cabin up the canyon from Cedar City near for the weekend. We, of course, stopped at China Town Restaurant in Nephi (tradition!) to see Nini. Klint, me, "Carl," Bryce, Beth, Smith, Bri, James, Sebastian, his friend Paul from Germany, "Maya," Scott, Tasia, and "Maya" all came down. Saturday we spent at Zion's National Park and hiked "Angel's Landing" (only this year I didn't cry the whole way up from nausea-Klint appreciated that!) The power went out at the cabin because of the rain on Saturday leaving Bri, Beth, & Smith dark and alone luckily they had the wood burning stove which we used to cook dinner on! Sunday we went down to Cedar for church, then back up for Beth's delicious lasagna (the best I've ever had!) Bruce & RosaLee even came by for a visit. Monday was just a lazy day; the dogs enjoyed playing together. Until Labor Day...

On the way to Zion's National Park

Front Seat: James, Bryce, Paul...Back Seat: Klint, Me, C-Bass

C-Bass with his Frazil BEFORE & AFTER!!! He went through happy withdrawals

I had fun making everyone pull "emotion" faces!
Klint: sad, freedom, happiest ever!
Mary: sad, mad, in love
Bryce: sad, freedom, happiest ever!
C-Bass: sad (looks like a clown!), mad, nervous, in love, happiest ever, freedom (my favorite!)

We all wore Bruce's hats down to Zion's!

We hiked to the top of Angel's Landing

Beth packed our lunch stuff and she included a sweet note on how "to make a delicious sandwich" and you better believe Bryce & Sebastian followed it to the "t"!

The storm coming behind us!

The wind started blowing really hard we almost lost our hats! So Klint and Bryce kept yelling "Honker down" and bryce was our Sarge! It was fun (see the videos!)
C-Bass whose hat was "KLAS TV Las Vegas" started reporting on the hike down (still on the chains) in the midst of chaos with Bryce pouring water down my face since I yelled "Sarge I can't go on!" and the windstorm!

Lord of the Rings scene: Bryce- Sam, Klint-Frodo, C-Bass-Smeagol

The boys crossing the cold river...why?...because they are boys!
The traditional couch picture with Bruce & RosaLee!
Small, Medium, Large!
We had steak & eggs for breakfast. Klint & Bryce thought it would be funny since there are always the billboards advertising it. The rib-eye steaks were divine, but we all felt a little sick and tired all day because of it!
Sebastian & Bryce were really fighting on this old fence!
I love their hair after the 4-wheeler ride!
Why were we hanging out in the back of C-Bass's car? Klint even slept on Maya's bed!
Best friends!
Maya & Carl 8 months ago at the cabin for labor day where they met. Weren't they so cute?!