Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mr & Mrs Halloween on Halloween!

Have I ever mentioned that I am one lucky woman?!  I have a husband who loves to dress up almost as much as I do!  And can be just as ridiculous! ; )  I know Heavenly Father cares about me because he cares enough to help me find someone as silly and crazy as me!  What are the odds?!  And you think it doesn't matter - belive me it does.  I am a blessed woman.... I hope Klint feels the same way!   I am ever grateful for a fun/funny/smart/hard-working/creative/loving/handsome husband!  And I love Halloween (especially Mr. Halloween!)
 I kept saying to Klint "Maybe next year we can dress up Mr. Halloween!"
I love this Asian family!
Ha ha ha  My step-dad, Larry, loves to do puzzles, so he dressed up as a "Puzzle Man!"  
Attacking Auntique with our red lipstick! 
Our first time meeting my Aunt Karen's boyfriend (now fiance!), Jerry!
Jerry was a good sport!
Eamon's costume creeped me out!..... He lost his front tooth that was bleeding soon after! 
 Mrs. Chinese New Year and Mrs. Halloween
Kris, Mom, Me, & Cara doing the bobbing for donuts! 
And on the actual Halloween night we went out to eat at "Chinatown" in Provo with the friends (not the real Chinatown in Nephi, but it was ok).
 Scott & Tasia were Popeye & Olive Oyl with Desden as the Spinach!!
Bryce & Beth as the Crocodile Hunters & Smith obviously the Crocodile!
This is "Buck" formerly known as Irene!  She made a great trucker guy
& finally Vegas Tom!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Christmas Card 2010

"Warm" Wishes for your Christmas!!!
Klint & Mary
This was Klint's favorite pose showing off his legs YES!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Need a laugh?

My sister & brother-in-law are selling their minivan on KSL.com:  but being that they are hilarious read what Brandon wrote to describe it:
1999 Honda Odyssey
For Sale by Owner

Sexy, babe magnet, beautiful, elegant and stunning. These are all words commonly used to describe a minivan and its owners. It has been known for decades that nothing attracts the attention of the opposite sex more than sitting behind the wheel of a minivan.....UNTIL NOW. That's right, if you thought the minvan was the pinnacle of sexy before, you're in for a treat, because up for sale is a minivan that comes without reverse. Yes, you heard me right, this Minivan only goes forward. Believe me, nothing is more attractive to the ladies (or men) than witnessing your ability to strategically park so that you don't have to push yourself out of that stall. If you do happen to get stuck and have to push yourself out.....well, now you have an opportunity to show those onlookers just how flexed your muscles can be while pushing 5 thousand pounds of pure desire. Now for the techical specs on this beautiful piece of machinery:...

P.S. The supplied photo is proof that this van will make you sexier and downright irresistible to people with window paint pens.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Beverly Hillbillies

I've been going through pictures for my Dad's 60th Birthday photo montage slideshow and came across these pictures from when we moved from New Hampshire to Utah when I was 5. So my dad took us 5 kids across the country in our yellow & brown wood-paneling station-wagon pulling our ugly brown trailer. This was always just a memory until now when I looked closely realized how much stuff my dad has packed on top and on the back of this rig - so ridiculous and unsafe!
We look so happy!

Look at all that junk on top of the station-wagon, in front of and behind the trailer!  How was that legal?!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On the Third Day of Christmas...

...My True Love Married Me!
 Has it really only been 4 years?!  I can't remember life without Klint.
Happy Anniversary to my darling husband

Saturday, November 13, 2010

More proof that Eamon is my son

My sister, Cara, called me a while back saying that she has further proof that her boy Eamon is actually my son (see previous post.)  Eamon came up to her with a notepad that he had written on "I can't talk."  When I was younger I would ALWAYS do this!  And my siblings loved it because if I wasn't talking I wasn't annoying them.  Or else they would say stuff to get me mad, so I would eventually talk.  But I was a pretty stubborn kid!  I love it

Off Cara's blog:

"The mystery that is Eamon is solved. Apparently, his true mother is my Sister Mary."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Memories of skinny Klint

Klint and I were at our friend, Courtney's, new house for dinner a couple weeks ago and we ended up looking at her old photos for 2 hours!  These are a few pictures I had to take and scan...
Believe it or not Klint was 20!  This was right before Bryce left on his mission
Look at those legs!
This was Klint & Eric's bedroom in the V.I.P. House in Orem where I first met and started dating Klint.  They shared this "living room" and even had a fireplace in it.  Notice Eric asleep on his futon.  Klint's bed was the twin mattress on the floor next to him.   Good memories in that room ; ) 
Amazing!  Eric & Klint as women
One of many "Noni Baths" at Bryce & Scott's place.  They would pour expensive Tahitian Noni juice in the tub and all bathe in it to be ridiculous - Bryce worked at Tahitian Noni and got it for free.

Look how cute and skinny my baby is!!  This was not too long before we met