Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Enjoying Elaine on TV!

Our good friend, Elaine, was on the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" show last night performing with her band "Neon Trees" after the release of their new album "Habits." It was so fun to get together with friends and watch her on TV! We would scream and cheer when they'd mention them or show Elaine it was fun! Congratulations Elaine!

The blurry one in back is Elaine on the drums...she looked hot!

March Madness Boys Trip & Girls Night

For "March Madness" I sent Klint down to Tom's in Vegas with Bryce. Beth was in California so I didn't want to be crashing the "boy's trip!" Klint really wanted me to come, but I happily stayed home to work and have a "Girls Night" with my dearest Aunt Karen, Mom, and sister Cara. It was loads of fun and I didn't have to watch a single basketball game (thank goodness!) The girls had plenty of fun terrorizing the streets of Springville. I even got my bangs cut yeah it was a crazy weekend ; ) Sunday I went to church with Aunt Karen which was the ward I was in 15 years ago (there were only 3 people there that I remembered) crazy how time flies! Wonderful fun, food, conversations, games, walks, etc. It's fun being a girl!

A "treasure" I found at my aunt's house!!!
P.S. Klint & I donated blood and he's got the good "universal blood donor" blood type O- so they hooked him up to this new machine that takes his blood out then puts the plasma back in it was so cool.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I was an old lady before I met you...

I love dressing up in costume, but I think that I have an obsession with dressing like an old lady! We've always had this gray wig in our dress-ups my whole life (it was my grandmother's - my mom's mother who died before I was born. I wonder what she thinks of me wearing her hair!?) I can remember that wig being used quite a bit growing up and I still use it to this day.

Age 12: 1995 Halloween Look how big the wig was on my little head! I remember tromping around with my friends trick-or-treating in this get-up. Usually girls my age wanted to dress up as someone pretty nope not me! Mom drew the lines on my face, and sadly those were my real glasses!

Age 15: 1998 Christmas morning. What was I thinking?! I remember waking up and not wanting to shower and get ready because I hated having to do my hair (and I still do hate doing my hair.) So I thought I would hide my hair with a wig....well once I put the wig on I had to go all the way with the glasses, dress, pantyhose, and purse. I walked downstairs to the family room where all my family and step-siblings were getting ready to open presents and everyone started laughing. I wasn't trying to be funny people!

Age 23: 2006 Halloween with Klint before we got married. I think this costume was actually Klint's idea. Klint used to wear grandpa sweaters everyday when we first started dating, so I knew it was a match made in heaven! Klint even borrowed a wheelchair and oxygen tank from his work. That was a fun halloween I gave Klint a headache by the end of the night from yelling at him since he was "deaf!"

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Carl's Dog Tricks

Yes, I am going to share with you Carl's dog tricks. No, I'm not embarrassed ; ) I am really proud of Carl's accomplishments; Klint has taught him most of these tricks the newest is "beg" ("beg" and "roll-over" are my favorites). And this will make my sister Cara jealous because my dog can do more than hers ha ha! Look I love Carl okay?!

And I might add that this was our first time we've ever filmed his tricks...way to go Carl performing on the spot!

Irene's Utah Visit!

So Friday lovely IRENE was in town from FRANCE! It had been about a year and half since we last saw her. And it was SO good to see her! But hopefully she will move to Utah in August??!! *hint hint* So fun to be all together again. We sure miss our Ireney. (Looking at this picture I see that everyone got married while Irene was in France except Scott & Tasia she was actually here for that!) We love you Irene

Monday, March 1, 2010

I have a confession... I've been married before!!!

That's right in 1993 when I was 9 I married Michael... my little brother! Yep, my family not only witnessed it, but participated in it - heck even my sister Cara married us! My question is why did my mom allow this?!! And while I'm confessing I might as well tell you that I married my cousin Daryll, my friend Valerie in the 3rd grade, and I think even Aunt Karen! Anyway, enjoy my wedding photos:
Cara as the preacher, Mom as the flower girl, and Michael as a bored groom!
My Great Aunt Darlene walked me down the aisle

Look how serious I am! And Mikey is laughing. Like my nightgown dress?

Oh man that was a great marriage what did I do to blow it?!!