Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This is why I love my sister

This was an email I got from my sister, Cara, the other day:

By the way, I dreamed that you were getting married last night and you wanted your hair different than the other brides and it was like your long bangs were formed into a tassel. It was baaaad. And you ddin't want my advice to NOT do it that way. And mom came chasing after me on a bike after we fought and then she crashed and I said, "Great, now it's MY fault that you crashed."

Let me attach a picture I made in Paint to illustrate the bangs you wanted.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Elaine & Sebastian's Wedding Video!

So as promised here is our dear friend's wedding video. Sebastian & Elaine were so fun to film. They were cracking jokes and quoting ridiculous lines from "The Room" the whole time to keep us laughing. I loved how casual and normal they were on their wedding day!

By the way the snow at the Timpanogas Temple was so gorgeous! I was actually coveting their wedding day ; ) (We got married in December and no snow at all, our wedding night it snowed like 8 inches though) Anyway, and then towards the end of filming the sun came out it was glorious!

Sebastian & Elaine love "Taco Bell" and so that's where they wanted to eat after the Temple!

Just try not to laugh while watching their reception video and seeing the dancing bunny- their wedding mascot! The bunny is Bryce and he did an amazing job as MC! Klint and I got to make cameo appearances on their reception video as bridesmaid and groomsman!

Congratulations again "Elastian!"