Thursday, June 24, 2010

She-Ra Princess of Power!!!

She-Ra Princess of Power
I found these She-Ra dolls listed on Ebay and really wanted
to buy them! I had "She-Ra," "Entrapta," "Catra" (I also
had her pink lion that she would ride), and "Bow." My Aunt
Karen still has mine as well as the purple haired one "Glimmer."

I love childhood memories!

Monday, June 21, 2010

You asked for it!

So I have some more pictures to share. Klint said that this is the only reason I got this camera...yep! I won't be posting anymore "smile" pictures for awhile though as I've wasted far too much time already! But as you'll be able to see I've discovered that you can make the new smile bigger and bigger and bigger until it's just creepy! 

 I think the second smile actually looks pretty good on my dad almost natural looking
 I think this tongue one is my favorite... this is my friend John from work

Monday, June 14, 2010

This made me laugh...

My boss brought in his camera to work the other day and was telling us that it has a feature that if someone isn't smiling in the picture you can change it to make them smile WHAT?!!...Yeah, that's what I thought until he showed me.  So we took 3 pictures of me: grimace, slight smile, and big smile, then let the camera do its magic.  Now there are 5 settings, but just to make it comical I chose the highest one.  The results:
So guess who bought that camera on Ebay the next day for a steal?!  Yep, conveniently my camera broke a month ago - I know I've been having such a hard time without it but Cara lent me her old camera..  Anyway once I get mine I'll post some more funny pictures! : )

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mom's 60th Birthday Party

So Cara was a lovely hostess and had Mom's party at her place.  We sort of surprised Mom by inviting her cousins as well as some of our step-siblings that could make it.  Thank you to everyone for coming and for all the delicious food it was wonderful!  Fun party & great food!  Happy Birthday Mom!
Karen, Cousin Joann, Cousin Nancy, & Mom
Watching the Photo Montage Slideshow I made : )
60 years worth of pictures yikes!
I made Mom a photo book too I love it!

After the party we took some girl pictures...
Holding up each other's double chins ; )
I wanted a picture of just me & mom, but Klint said,
"No, I want a picture with Glenda" ha ha!
Then they wanted to take a "son-in-law" picture check out their smiles yuck!
Happy Birthday Mom!