Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Girl's Weekend in Nevada!

Last Weekend my ladies: Mom, Aunt Karen, sister Cara, & niece Matilda, and I went out to my Great Aunt Darlene's ranch in Baker, Nevada. Aunt Darlene is 88 and is really like our grandma (since my mom's mother, passed away before we were born.) We've always enjoyed going out to Aunt Darlene & Uncle Lee's ranch (Uncle Lee is 90 years old and still gets out on his horse and works everyday as a rancher. They have been married for 69 years and never had children of their own. Funny all these generations of two sisters: Golden & Darlene, Glenda & Karen, Cara & Mary.) Anyway, all of us haven't been out there together for many many years. I used to live out there all summer for 5 straight years when Aunt Karen lived there from 1990-1994 ages 6-10! We had fun playing games; driving around to Hidden Canyon Ranch & Garrison Lake; taking pictures, talking; laughing; eating; and of course doting on Matilada (who was named after her great great grandmother Matilda Swallow - Aunt Darlene's mother and our mom's grandma.) What an enjoyable time we must plan that trip more often together!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Memorial Day Cabin & Zion's....yes once again!


4th straight year going down to Zion's for Memorial Day weekend.  We stayed at Bruce & RosaLee's lovely cabin.

Klint & Bryce mapping out which hike they wanted to do....Zion's was hot, so Elaine made herself some shorts!
The crew hiked up to "Observation Point" which is higher and harder than "Angels Landing" which is where we usually go.  Beth & I stayed back with Smith and went on a nice stroll by the river and had girl talk!  I was so impressed with Klint & Bryce bringing back my camera full of pictures!  Usually when Klint borrows my camera he comes back from a 5 day Yellowstone trip with 4 photos!  Not this time they got some good ones:
At the top of Observation Point (You can see "Angels Landing" below)
The boys entertained themselves for over an hour spinnning their wedding rings!
Our dogs love the cabin and got to play with each other.  Izzy (Scott & Tasia's Jack Russell Terrier) killed a giant "varmit" bigger than herself!
The traditional cabin couch picture with Bruce & RosaLee on Sunday
On the way home.  I love when Carl pants he looks like he's smiling : )

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Beth!

It is my darling friend Beth's birthday today  Happy Birthday gal we've had lots of fun!
So if you don't know Beth you are missing out!  She is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet.  She is always serving others.  She loves to cook and is an amazing chef!  Klint knows and takes advantage of the fact that if we go to her house she always asks if we're hungry and will offer to cook us something no matter what time it is!  Beth doesn't eat sweets, but she knows how much I love them so makes sure to have something on hand for me ; )  When Bryce & Beth lived just 3 blocks from us and were in the same ward we got to see quite a bit of each other.  Beth and I were visiting teaching companions and were in the Young Womens together...oh I miss those days!  But she is amazing she was such a good teacher to those girls.  Beth is constantly smiling and is so positive.  She speaks so kindly of others and always brightens my day!  She is just so wonderful!  Beautiful, smart, loving, caring, talented, great mother, funny (very important!), fun, great to talk to, great listener, so Spiritual, a great comforter when I've been through hard times she was always there to lend a listening ear and lend support/love/advice.  She is just the greatest!  Everyone wants to be Beth's friend.  It's so great that Klint's best friend is married to my best friend! :  )  Thank you Beth for all the fun memories, all the girl talks, the vacations, and for your friendship.  Happy Birthday Beautiful Beth!

When our boys were gone on tour Summer 2006
Elaine & Sebastian's Wedding
The first time I met Beth December 2005
One of many Zion's trips
The cabin- Beth loves to feed Bryce!!!!
Our best travel companions
Another Statistic Supporters, Las Vegas '07
Beth's a fantastic hostess
Fun friend
Lovely girl
Halloween 2007
So cute and tiny even when pregnant!
Wedding Day November 18, 2006
Best Friends!