Friday, August 20, 2010

Yay for the End of Summer....School!!!

Last Saturday was Klint's last Anatomy Final and therefore making Klint officially done with summer school YAY!!!  So I have my husband back I am SOOOOOOO happy!  And I won't be seeing this face anymore!    <<<<--------------

To celebrate we went to Seven Peaks Water Park on Monday ha ha!  This was the first time that either of us has been in the sun the whole summer - sad I know!  Seven Peaks was fun we haven't been in years (for me at least 10 years) they have a slide called the Boomerang which was hilarious we went on it like 6 times in a row!  It's the best slide at Seven Peaks so scary and fun - I did get whiplash the 4th time though!  We rented a double tube which is awesome because Klint makes the tube go so fast.  On one of the enlosed slides we caught so much air we thought we were going to hit our heads!  I hated the "Free Fall" and other single slides although not as scary as I remember, but they still give major wedgies and shoot water up my rear, as well as bounce you around at the end.  Afterwards we went to Klint's favorite "Smoking Apple" for dinner, got cones at Macey, & a RedBox movie.

On Tuesday Klint left at 3:30am to go fishing with his friend, Joe, from Anatomy class, they took his boat up to Pine View Reservoir up Odgen Canyon to go Tiger Muskee Fishing.  Since it was so hot they kept having to jump into the water.  He had a lot of fun and didn't get home until 10pm! 


Also on Tuesday my work had a Golf Day at Sleepy Ridge Golf Course (we put the fireplaces in their new clubhouse that looks like a castle - isn't that fireplace huge?!)  It was SO hot that day I was so sweaty and ended up getting sun burned (all day at Seven Peaks I didn't get sun, but golfing I fry!)

Wednesday, Klint, Bryce, & Bryce's brother, Jon, loaded up and went up to Montana & Yellowstone to fly fish for the week.  I'm so glad Klint can finally have a break this summer.  For a moment it brought back bad memories of last year when I was having one of the hardest months of my life and Klint was gone most of the month of July (including 2 trips to Yellowstone to fish as well as a week at the Wind Rivers in Wyoming for the High Adventure with the Boy Scouts from our ward.)  But I'm doing just fine right now, so I don't think I'll miss Klint as much  ; )  plus he knows now to call me when he catches cell phone service!  Besides on Wednesday I stayed busy with work, Young Womens, & Visiting Teaching until 10:30!  Plus when Klint's gone I let Carl sleep in the bed with me.  Thursday I had some Beth-time and girl talk yay!

{I just checked the grades today on UVU's website and Klint got an A in Anatomy yehaw!!! He doesn't know yet since he's gone and out of cell phone service, but he will be so happy. He definately deserved an A afterall he got a 196 out of 200 on his Anatomy Lab Final Wow! I am so proud of my straight A student. It really is a pleasure working while he's going to school when he is giving his all and he has been SO dedicated to doing well. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for his motivation and hard work for our family. Now he just needs to take the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills), then send in his application to the Nursing program, so he can *fingers crossed* start in January. Way to go babe you are amazing!}

Well I am glad this summer is over despite the fact that I didn't really even get to enjoy it, but at least I have my husband back!  And to all of you who never see Klint now you know why!  This fall should be a lot calmer. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

80's Prom

Annie, a friend in our ward, invited us to her 30th "80's Prom" birthday party! "Blaine" & "Brock" aka Klint & Bryce asked "Stacy" & "Trianna" aka me & Beth to the prom. We picked out our outfits at Savers and had fun teasing our hair (you can't really tell but my hair was huge!) We were real ridiculous! It was such a blast Klint Blaine and I danced to almost every song (of course it was all 80's music so I was in heaven!) It was the funnest party I've ever been to it was awesome!
The traditional by the fireplace picture taken by "mom" before the prom
With the Birthday Girl - Klint is actually their hometeacher!
It was VERY HOT in there we were swaeating like crazy!
Klint's sweet moves - he looked like George Michael ha ha!

During "Send me an Angel" Robbie, Annie's husband & a friend came out on a razor scooter & BMX bike just like out of the scene from the movie Rad, then Robbie came out again with a new Vespa for Annie's birthday gift it was really funny!

They even had a "Boy George" impersonator who sang some Culture Club songs!

Klint & Bryce cleared the floor when they danced together to "Rapper's Delight!"

Klint & Robbie had a "dance-off" ha ha