Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guess Who Shaved His Beard???.....

...and you'll have to guess why!!!
I was not happy for this I said, "But you don't have to shave just yet!  Can't you wait until after our New York Trip?!"  Klint knows how much I love his beard, but said he needed to get some sun on his face.
 Of course we had to shave in stages...I do not like goatees!

 Oh yeah!
 Nasty Nasty Nasty!  And he had to pull a gross face too
 So weird to see his face after 15 months  (I do like some "whiskers" like this oh la la)
He kissed me and it was so weird how smooth it was!  Now I just need to cut his hair. 
Wow babe you're a new man.  I kept looking at him last night and getting shocked!

...Oh, and it's not for a calling if that's what you were thinking

Autumn Leaves on the Alpine Loop

 Sunday, September 19th we drove up Provo Canyon, first up to Squaw Peak to see this vastness of color change!  Then up the Alpine Loop.  It seems like the leaves changed early this year because it looked like we missed a lot of the deep red color already.  But oh so beautiful! 
Do you see the color change in the background on these two pictures?!  
If only I had a good camera to capture the true beauty! 
We scouted out this spot to have our pictures taken by our photographer friend Chrissy Marie whom
we have filmed alongside with at a few weddings.  I will post them when we get them back! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Neon Trees Concert

Our friend, Elaine, is the drummer for the band Neon Trees who had a concert at UVU.  She has been on tour all year with 30 seconds to mars so we don't see much of her, so it was fun to see her play a big show.
Eating Beto's before the show
Elaine on drums!
 Elaine was signing autographs, but when we got a chance we attacked her!
 This was Sebastian's backstage pass Klint's trying to look cool, and Bryce impressed!
Admiring Sebastian's biceps 
 People were handing out Reese's peanut butter cups and taking pictures. 
This show was part of MTV's Campus Invasion.  Yum

Monday, September 27, 2010

Troy's Dating Video

This is Troy - if anyone is interested he is available give me a call

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

5th Annual Cabin Labor Day Trip

My 5th straight year at the Cabin for Labor Day weekend (probably Klint's 10th time), and what a fun trip it was.  The friends joined us Friday night:  Bryce, Beth, & Smith and Scott, Tasia, Dresden, & Izzy their dog got in at 10:30 and immediately Beth & Tasia started making my birthday cake!  
Silly girls, but oh what a fabulous cake it was!  It really was the fanciest and most delicious cake I have ever had made for me!  {My mother did make me wonderful and yummy birthday cakes over the years, but I think the last fancy cake I had was on my 9th birthday when my mom made me a 3 layer red velvet cake!}  Thank you so much Bethers & Taiserz!
Just look at how lovely this cake was.  The official name of the cake as per Beth "Strawberry vanilla cake with white chocolate ganache and marscapone whipped cream" wow!  It was a 4 layer cake that was so moist and flavorful with white chocolate dipped strawberries and drizzled strawberry sauce on top.  Oh my gosh it was amazing and I was definitely selfish with the leftover piece!
Beth & Tasia also got me this lovely earring holder - so thoughtful because they know I love earrings!
Klint hooked me up with candy to add to "Mary's Candy Buffet!" which is ongoing
And my darling husband gave me these framed cards that he had made - he really surprises me sometimes what a sweetheart!  You'd have to see them closer, but he made these cards and even incorporated his own handwriting into it - so personalized....ahhhhhh I love him!
The small framed one says: "I love you because"...  And the large framed ones say:
"You are beautiful,  You are adventurous, You are fun, You are crazy like me, you are good to me"
Earlier on my birthday we were just sitting on the porch at the cabin and Klint offers a foot massage -heck yes!  With lotion and all...he really loves me : )
The boys found a hammock in the closet, so set it up.  Here's Klint & Scott napping together!
Scott & Tasia in the hammock...and Dresden
Brycey & Smithers just chillin
So cute!  The cousins taking their baths together!
Aunt Tasia/Mommy reading bedtime stories
The "Champions" Beth & Bryce in their matching soccer shirts ha!

Our friend, Irene who just moved back to Utah from France, was coming to the cabin as well, so I thought since she hasn't really hung out with us much in practically years we thought it would be funny if we had some new "traits!"  
Beth pretended to be an "Avon Lady" so she would mention Avon products randomly "Oh Avon has this new facial scrub that is excellent..."
Bryce kept saying "I could have gone pro" with baseball, and he'd practice his batting swing.
Scott happened to be reading a book on communism, so he would give subtle hints on how much greater America would be if we became socialists.
Tasia acted real over-protective of her baby, Dresden, and was real worried about germs - Carl was sitting on my lap while we were playing games and she said "Um, Mary can you move Carl...germs?"
Klint was real obsessed with breads and makes new breads all the time.  He even pulled a packet of yeast out of his pocket at one point.
I was real paranoid of people and animals outside the cabin windows so would at times look out the window and get frightened and ask Klint to look out too.  I was scared of everything
So Saturday night Klint, Bryce, & I met Irene in Cedar City.  We had to go into Walmart for a couple things so we started practicing our new "traits" there in front of Irene.  Klint talked about bread, Bryce about baseball - he even tried out a few bats in the sporting goods department!  I saw a creepy guy and went up to Klint and told him "A scary guy looked at me" all nervously. 
Our "Eskimo" friend...Okay it's actually Ireney!  So good to have her back in Utah
Playing "Battle of the Sexes" and trying to think of the word "wing tip" I don't know why I thought I had to pretend to be a plane though ha!  My arms look so long geez louise!
Our fun boys
Klint had a shard of something in his eye that was really irritating so Bryce made him an eyepatch out of the yeast packet that was in his pocket!
So we get Irene up to the cabin and started playing a game call "Battle of the Sexes", then "Texas Hold 'Em."  Now the boys are good at acting their parts, but the girls laugh a lot, but Irene didn't seem to suspect anything.  So after over an hour of acting Beth and I got to laughing, so Beth finally told Irene our secret who then instantly started laughing - so much so that she fell to the ground!  I loved that Irene thought it was so funny!  She really didn't have a clue she just thought those were things we did/said.  It was hilarious to see her reaction!  Oh Irene, thanks for thinking we're funny ;  )  We had a great time at the cabin and with Irene.  It was as if she had never left.

Irene Laughing Videos after finding out our joke on her!

Beth was dominating all our Texas Hold 'Em games.  She won the first game way to go Beth!
And I won the second game!  Way to go wives 
Enjoying the lovely weather at the cabin in the hammock
Little Froggy Smith!
On Sunday, Bruce & RosaLee, came up for our traditional Sunday dinner and we had a great time.  What a relaxing weekend.  The boys put up a hammock, and we really didn't do anything we just relaxed.  On the way home Klint said that it was one of his favorite cabin trips.  He really needed a break after the hard summer he's had with school.   Thanks to Bruce & RosaLee and to the friends that came.
I love this picture of Bryce ha ha ha!
It was getting pretty late and Klint comes rips open a bag of Doritos and exclaims "All in with Doritos!"
This was a fun hand where Tasia surprised us and did an all in against Scott, Bryce, & Klint!
Scott ended up winning!
This is Jefferano.... or is it Jeff Ferano? I don't know, but he was weird!
Our boys being boys starting exercising like crazy Labor Day morning, after this they ran up the mountain....Klint was sore for days ha!