Sunday, February 14, 2010

6 years of Valentines Days....Geeeesh!

Klint and I have now spent 6 Valentines Days together....crazy. I have always loved Valentines Day, because of the CANDY of course! But I guess I didn't really CARE about Valentines Day until I actually had a Valentine (aka Klint). So here are our last 6 Valentines's Days together:
2005 Our First Valentine's Day!
We had just started dating a few weeks before so I was really nervous about Valentines Day (I guess it was because it was my first V-day with a boy plus I really liked Klint.) We went out with some of the friends then later we exchanged gifts. I was really worried that Klint was going to buy me jewelry (I don't know why I thought that I was just picturing some ugly gold necklace or something ha ha). But I was pleasantly relieved when he gave me a sweet card, and bag full of candy, 3 packs of mints, a toothbrush (to brush my teeth after all the candy!), and a Pearl Jam "Ten" CD. The funny part was that our gifts mirrored each other I also gave him a card, and a bag full of candy, but 3 packs of gum, and the Morrissey "You are the Quarry" CD (yes we introduced these bands to each other). We then spent the next hour dancing real dramatically to the entire Morrissey album in his garage!! When I first started hanging out with Klint and the friends I would always say "I love you!" to everyone really hyper-actively! But Klint didn't like that he said to me once, "You don't even know me how can you love me?" so after that I always said to him "I like you!" On the Morrissey Album there is a song called "I like you" and so that became our song. And I would say "I like you I like you I like you!" There were a lot of "I like you's" before the "I love you's" came. And I kinda miss the "I like you's" because I knew that there was really "love" in the "likes!" Anyway, later that night it started hailing, so we snapped this picture which I love! Notice Klint's grandpa sweater? I miss the days when Klint dressed like a grandpa! Such a fun night; it is my very favorite Valentines Day ever!

This was kind of a different Valentines Day because we had just gotten back together after a 4-month break-up : ( Although things were better than ever after we did get together! Klint really liked me after that ha ha! Anyway Klint surprised me at my work with a dozen peach roses (his florist said these were for a "unique" girl!) and took me to the Tahitian Noni Cafe! The server came out with on-the-house "special" Italian creme sodas! Afterward we met our friend Jeff and his (then) girlfriend Heather at Trafalga for Miniature Golf! I gave Klint this frame full of pictures from the last year.

We had only been married two months I got home from work and heard a knock on the door and this is what I opened it up to!

Dinner at Osaka Japanese Restaurant where Klint had his favorite meal of the year (and one of his top meals ever!) We also went to Crystal Hot Springs in Honeyville for the weekend and camped in the snow. Our air mattress deflated in the night and we had the coldest night ever sleeping right on the hard snow! It was one of those bitter cold nights too (and then there was the train 10' away from our tent!) Awful Afwful!

We stayed at my sister's house for the weekend to puppy-sit! Klint was sick so here he is sleeping with the 4 puppies. I tried to be romantic by getting a heart-shaped pizza at Papa Murphy's ha!

Saturday Klint edited wedding videos all day, I got home from work and watched Batman Begins while making Klint a Valentines card, & I found that Carl moved his bed to bask in the heat from our little space heater! Then we went out our favorite "Smoking Apple" to eat yum.

Valentines Confession:
This story makes me laugh now, but it's embarrassing to think that I really did this. Obviously I don't care now or I wouldn't be sharing, but my siblings might remember this: Do you remember the Valentines Day when I "doorbell ditched" my own house and left a heart-shaped box of chocolates and I think a necklace on the doorstep with a "Secret Admirer" letter to myself? I was maybe 14 or 15 ha ha! Who does that?!! I love my junior high/high school-self I was really lame! Gotta love Valentines Day.... I'm going to go eat some chocolate now!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Annual St George Trip

We had a wonderful time on our Annual St George Trip for Klint's birthday. It was actually pushed back a week due to Sebastian & Elaine's wedding, but this way we got to celebrate both Klint's and Sebastian's birthdays. As always we had delicious food care of Beth, Tasia, & Alison. There was the traditional "St George Winter Classic" golf game where Scott was the champion this year, receiving the coveted maroon jacket from last year's winner Eric. The pictures are excellent thanks Klint! Oh, and guess what?! I won Texas Hold'em! This is a big deal because I hardly ever play and if I do I lose all my money really fast, but not this time. I won a big hand right at first and it ended against Klint (who usually wins.) Klint, Bryce, & Beth went to "the Crack" in St George and Klint got stuck! He's been complaining about his ribs and his knees ever since! It was fun to have Sebastian & Elaine there to finish out their honeymoon with us; having 5 couples there made it even more fun. And it's always nice to get into warmer weather.

Wedding Dress at D.I. in Cedar City....Eric's brother Matt lives in Cedar City, so randomly he came to eat breakfast with us at Beth's mom's house small world!

Benja Thai, St George yum yum!

St George Winter Classic 2010 Golf Winner Pictures:

Congratulations Scotty!
"Elastian's" matching PJ's...the boys trying to impress the girls....hanging again!
Texas Hold 'em
My winnings....The boys chilling.....the girl's cooking breakfast (Alison made the delicious blueberry french toast strata again delightful!)
Dresden in shades...I just found these pictures on my camera! Sebastian!
I'll let these next few pictures explain Klint & C-Bass' relationship

I made Sebastian & Elaine pose for these photos I thought they looked so cool!
After church in St George. Notice Scott wore his winner's jacket to church ha ha!

Beth was like a spider climbing up those rocks.....Bryce wasn't quite as cool ; )
Okay that's better Bryce!.....Cute little family ahhhhhhh

Bryce & Beth & Klint went into "The Crack." Klint got stuck and Beth saw a giant rat scurry past her which made her scale the wall so fast! I wish I could have seen it.

the end.