Saturday, November 13, 2010

More proof that Eamon is my son

My sister, Cara, called me a while back saying that she has further proof that her boy Eamon is actually my son (see previous post.)  Eamon came up to her with a notepad that he had written on "I can't talk."  When I was younger I would ALWAYS do this!  And my siblings loved it because if I wasn't talking I wasn't annoying them.  Or else they would say stuff to get me mad, so I would eventually talk.  But I was a pretty stubborn kid!  I love it

Off Cara's blog:

"The mystery that is Eamon is solved. Apparently, his true mother is my Sister Mary."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Memories of skinny Klint

Klint and I were at our friend, Courtney's, new house for dinner a couple weeks ago and we ended up looking at her old photos for 2 hours!  These are a few pictures I had to take and scan...
Believe it or not Klint was 20!  This was right before Bryce left on his mission
Look at those legs!
This was Klint & Eric's bedroom in the V.I.P. House in Orem where I first met and started dating Klint.  They shared this "living room" and even had a fireplace in it.  Notice Eric asleep on his futon.  Klint's bed was the twin mattress on the floor next to him.   Good memories in that room ; ) 
Amazing!  Eric & Klint as women
One of many "Noni Baths" at Bryce & Scott's place.  They would pour expensive Tahitian Noni juice in the tub and all bathe in it to be ridiculous - Bryce worked at Tahitian Noni and got it for free.

Look how cute and skinny my baby is!!  This was not too long before we met

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Klint got into UVU's Nursing Program!!!

Today Klint came to my work and asked if I could talk outside.  My mind was on the busy-ness of work, so Klint caught me off-guard when he showed me an envelope.  I didn't even bother looking at it I just exclaimed "You got in!"  He couldn't hold back his smile.  Klint has been anxiously checking the mailbox everyday since his interview waiting for that letter.  He is definitely relieved; though I knew he would get in!  So thank you for all the prayers we really appreciate it!  All of this just to get into the program - he still has 3 years to go!  December 2013 will come soon enough though.  Way to go babe you are amazing!  And to those that are wondering why I'm so excited is because Utah Valley University's Nursing Program is super competitive only accepting 50 students per semester.  Klint was narrowed down to the top 100 based on grades, and then after an interview process was cut down to the top 50.  Anyway, I am so proud of him.  His extreme dedication and hard work over the past year has finally paid off.   (Plus I didn't want to move to Ogden to go to Weber State University!)  Yay for Klint!
Photo by Kris B