Monday, January 31, 2011

Halloween Video of Klint & Mary as an Old Couple!

This was the Halloween before we were married and we dressed up like an old couple for my family Halloween party. We stayed in character ALL night!  Klint had a headache from me yelling at hime since he was "hard of hearing" Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Klint's party celebrating his 30th birthday was so much fun!!!  Thanks to Klint's siblings who threw the party I am SO grateful for Klint's family for all they did to put this together and reserve the room at Noah's.  I didn't even end up doing hardly anything!  (I was actually an hour late to the party trying to finish up Klint's photo montage slideshow that I had been working on for a couple weeks!  I already had all his pictures up to age 23 ready, but the last 7 years that I've known Klint took me forever to go through since I have so many pictures of him!)  Thank you to everyone who came and for everyone's help; Klint had a wonderful time!!!
Klint, Sebastian & Scott
Klint's sisters Tori & Teri admiring Klint's hilarious grade school picture
I'm so glad that he hasn't changed a bit! ; )
Klint's oldest brother Sean, (sis-in-law)Angela & niece Marina who took all the pictures
Klint & his dad
Kimbo, Klint, Beth & Smith, Eileen, & Pat (Klint's step-mom)
Klint's nieces dancing to the wii game "Just Dance 2"

Bryce, Sebastian &Klint were good!

Video of the boys dancing!
Kimi &Avery our nieces with me & Beth... what a workout!
Angela, Tori, Teri & Pat!
Here I started getting emotional as I thanked everyone for helping make
Klint the man he is today because I love him so much!
Klint's mom made this delicious chocolate cake it says,
"Klinton, you've won the hearts of all your family!" with the heart face cards so cute!
Thank you for all your generous gifts! (Holding up the traditional graham crackers from Bryce's Mom!)
Watching the Klint's photo montage picture slideshow

Bryce & Sebastian came over to our place for the "after party" where they took turns flying the remote-control helicopter (CBass gave to Klint) in the house, and in-between charges they would play "Guitar Hero," then they started watching old movies from when Klint, Bryce & Elaine went Mexico, and from Havasupai, and then the last "Another Statistic" show (which made Sebastian depressed seeing Elaine on video because Klint's birthday is also Sebastian & Elaine's wedding anniversary who is gone right now on an international tour with her band "Neon Trees!")  They were obsessed with flying that helicopter!  Anyway, they stayed up til 6:30am ha I love those boys!

Flying the remote-control helicoper CBass gave Klint outside
Admiring the Falcon 9000 helicopter!
Klint flies that helicopter everyday now "I forgot I had a 10:00 flight!" Great gift C-Bass!
Glad you had a great birthday babe Happy 30th!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Today my darling husband turns 30 years old Wooowie Klint!!!  And boy am I glad he was born!  I met Klint when he was 23 and he only gets better with age ; )  Thank you Klint for all you do, for the way you treat others, for your fun personality, for your friendship, for your patience with me, for your love, for your beautiful face, and especially for making me laugh.  Happy happy birthday to my favorite person I am proud to be your wife... Now you better give me at least 50 more birthdays!

I was going through Klint's baby book (which is completely filled out by the way with dates of milestones, pictures, elementary school stuff, etc. which is incredible for a 6th child to have everything in there Klint's mom was sure on top of things.)  Among its treasures were his family's Christmas letters in it his mom described Klint as a sweet and funny child... looks like he hasn't changed:  December 1985 (almost 5 years old) "Klinton gets unbelievable attention - good and bad.  He can make you laugh 'til it hurts with his antics.  I wouldn't change one things about him, he is really a delight and such a wonderful part of our family.  Our lives would be very dull without his little personality around to keep us on our toes!"


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am 10,000 days old today!!!

Today I am 10,000 days old which calculates to be 27 years, 4 months, & 16 days!  

I looked it up in July of 2008, and had it on my to-do list to check back in 2 1/2 years I just happened to be reading the small print on my list (that I get mocked for) and saw that it was time to check ha!   

So "Happy 10,000 Days" to me!

Oh, and Klint is 10,953 days old OR 29 years, 11 months, & 27 days.... expect a post soon for his 30th birthday announcement!!!