Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy 70th Anniversary Aunt Darlene & Uncle Lee!

My Great Aunt Darlene & Uncle Lee celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary this month... 70 YEARS!!! Crazy! He is 91 and she is 89.  They have been my grandparents (since they never had any children so my mom is like a daughter to them and my mother's mother, my real grandmother died before I was born, and Aunt Darlene has been so wonderful to be our surrogate grandmother.  We love her and Uncle Lee oh so much.)  Aunt Darlene is the most wonderful person.  She lives in the small town of Baker, Nevada all isolated so she loves when we come out to visit.  Aunt Darlene has always been there for me throughout my life.
Last summer....Uncle Lee really hates when all us girls get together! ; )

My mom wrote to the LDS Church News to have them included.

All this for only $9.60!

I've used coupons my whole life, but now with help of coupon blogs it led me to getting all this for only $9.60 at Walgreens!  It would have been less because I didn't realize until later that I had a coupon for the M&M's which was $4 out of the $9.60.  I got the razor, toothpastes, toothbrushes, flosses, & liners for FREE with coupons.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mary is going to the U2 concert!

So guess who won U2 concert tickets on the radio today?!!!  This is the audio clip of me on the radio....yeah, I was just a little bit excited!
Last year when Bono broke his back and the Salt Lake City concert was postponed I returned my tickets, so yeah, I was real happy that I now get to go again.

Me  & Bono at the last concert in SLC Dec. '05
Picture I took at that show of Bono singing to me! ; )
And of course I'm taking my honey with me again!
So on Tuesday I get to see these guys again I love U2!!!
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Monday, May 16, 2011

We Moved for the First Time in our Marriage!

As previously posted my Aunt Karen got married (yay!) and moved into her husband's home.  So, she asked Klint if we would want to move into her house.  When Klint told me my initial reaction was no, but when he told me that he wanted to (which suprised me) I decided to think about it.  I made a pro's & con's list and had to let the idea grow on me.  The reason why is was a hard decision for me was because this was my childhood home (the house was my grandpa's who left it to my aunt and my mom).  I also lived there in college with my aunt.  Soooooooo I have a history with this house.  But when you are a kid you do not appreciate houses; not until you grow up and realize how expensive houses are and how nice living in a house over living in an apartment is.  The biggest con on our list was leaving our ward which we love dearly. 

We have lived in our basement apartment for over 4 years, our entire marriage, Klint actually moved in right after we got engaged in September 2006.  So it was kind of scary for me to think of moving!  I have never liked change (until after of course when I realize that it can be better) and I especially hate moving!  Luckily I haven't had to do it much.  But we are excited to have a place of our own and not have noise above our heads! 

I am very sad to leave behind all our dear friends, neighbors, ward members, women I visit teach, and especially the youth whom we have taught for the past 4 years.  We were called in our ward as the 12-13 year old Sunday School teachers right away, then a few months later I got called into the Young Womens, later Klint got called as the 16 and 17 year old Sunday School teacher (and I've been there the whole time with him), then in addition to that Klint got called to the Young Mens in the Teachers Quorom, then released, all the while still teaching the 16 and 17 year olds!  I've been in the Young Womens 3 1/2 years most recently as the Laurels advisor, so those girls have grown so dear to me.  And  now we actually have the same Sunday School class that we started out with those 12 years old are now 16 and all grown up! These kids are the best youth I have ever known;  they have such strong testimonies of our Savior and are such examples to me teaching me far more that I've taught them.  Klint has loved teaching those kids as well - and they love Klint!  He is such a good teacher and so much fun.  On a positive note Aunt Karen assures us that her ward is the best (she too is sad to leave her dear ward) so we are excited to meet new people and live in place of our own (kind of).  Since we've known about this upcoming move for awhile I've had plenty of time to think about it, and I'm getting over the fact that we are moving and leaving.  Though I will miss "our" kids so much.

While Aunt Karen was on her honeymoon Klint and I came to "test out" the house by sleeping there. In the morning we were both so excited with all the LIGHT in the home!!! There are windows all around the house with 2 huge windows in the living room. Living in a basement apartment with windows only on the east side means very little natural light in the home. That morning Klint even sat out of the side porch to bask in the sunlight while Carl played in the fenced backyard. (I did think of poor Carl leaving behind his best friends, two black cats, but the new house has dogs next door he can bark at arrggg!)

So we moved in on May 7th (thank you to our sweet family & friends for helping us FILL & empty a 16' moving truck - that is sick that we have so much stuff!), so the house is full of boxes, but it is so nice being in a home - a home that I am appreciating more that I ever have before - and a home that I now love.  What I haven't told you is about ALL the time we've spent fixing up the house, so this is to be continued....







Saturday, May 14, 2011

Elaine meets Jodie Foster

We've always thought that our friend Elaine, from the band Neon Trees, looks like Jodie Foster the actress.  So it was fun to hear that Elaine actually met Jodie Foster when they were both on the Letterman Show!  And you can definitely see the resemblance!

This is the story from Elaine:  she went up to Jodie and asked if she could get a picture with her because she's been told her whole life she looked like her and Jodie said "Yeah, you kinda do!"  I love it!

BTW I stole all these pictures off Elaine's facebook page

Janary 2006 the friends were up at Park City during the Sundance Film Festival. We were hoping we could get into a showing (Klint & I went to that same theater one year before on our first date and were able to get into a show for free.)  Anyway, we put Elaine up to pretending she was Jodie Foster to see if they'd let her in!  It was funny, but it didn't work! ; )