Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Y Your Dog No Nice?"

Klint & I are in Maine doing a video and I got this picture message from my sister who is watching Carl!
"Carl is a bully"
Ha!  I've never seen him show that much of his teeth before!  My sister just got the lab - Sadie; so Carl better be nice to Bruce!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Goodbye Great Uncle Lee

My 91 year old great uncle Lee passed away today after a long legacy of working as a cowboy for over 75 years!  He just celebrated his 70th wedding anniversary in May with his darling wife my dearest great Aunt Darlene.  They have been my grandparents (as they didn't have any children/grandchildren as their own).  It is a blessing that he passed away and was able to work until the day he died!  He actually got out and rode his horse this morning looking for some cattle.  I am so grateful I was able to know and love this wonderful man.  When I heard the news I exclaimed "No!"  But it is a tender mercy.  He loved to work and worked so hard.  I am blessed to have known him my entire life and call him family.  My biggest concern is for my Aunt Darlene. So there were quite a few tears shed. They live in a tiny isolated town on the Utah/Nevada border and my heart ached for her.  I have so many fond memories of going out to "the ranch" to visit Aunt Darlene and Uncle Lee.  This is the first person close to me that has died and although I knew this day would come it still hurts so much.  I am so grateful to know that he is no longer in pain and that I will see him again.  Since Klint & I have been together we would go out to Nevada and stay with Aunt Darlene & Uncle Lee on their ranch just to relax in their quiet lifestyle.  I am so grateful for my treasured memories with Uncle Lee.

2 1/2 years ago KSL channel 5 did a news story on Uncle Lee naming him the oldest working cowboy in the west.  This is the video of that story:

Video Courtesy of KSL.com
ksl.com - Age doesn't stop 89-year-old cowboy

This evening KSL also reported of his death and gave a sweet tribute to him.  We'll miss you Uncle Lee!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meet Bruce

When we got Carl 3 years ago I had to promise Klint that when we had a house we could get "Bruce" his big dog... little did I know it would come so quickly [*crap!*] Klint mentioned getting Bruce when we first moved, but I said no and told him I thought it would be better to wait until I was at home with kids and could spend more time with the dog. But the end of June (the day we got home from Havasupai) Klint started trying to convince me to get a dog saying he had time right now to train him before school starts. "Wouldn't it be nice to have a dog that loved everyone instead of hated everyone like Carl?" I had to agree.  He had been using Carl as an excuse saying that Carl has been suicidal ha ha! Carl actually has been depressed since we moved. While he loves playing in the yard when he's inside all he does is go straight to the bedroom and sleep all day :' ( it's disheartening. Klint said Carl needs a friend and since he loves to play with our family and friends' dogs he would love Bruce. So Klint started looking up yellow lab puppies online, but then decided on a golden retriever. So the very next day (June 28th) we went to look at some puppies and after an hour Klint chose his puppy! WHAT?!! I didn't even have time to think! 

Here is Bruce when we met him at 3 1/2 weeks old:

He kinda reminded me of Carl as a puppy - sad and off by himself ha ha!

I think Bruce is kinda funny looking... I had never seen Golden Retriever puppies before

Do you think it's a coincidence that I'm wearing the same shirt as I was when I met Carl for the first time?!

His mom is such a beautiful and sweet dog and is so good with kids,
so I'm excited about that, but I feel that a big dog is so much responsibility!
Here is Bruce at 6 1/2 weeks:
We just went to visit him (7/20/11) and his has gotten so big and much cuter!  He is such a sweetheart!  We wanted to take him home right then!  Just 2 more weeks!

Bruce is named after this guy!
I know I will love Bruce (probably not as much as Carl since he is my baby), but Bruce will be a wonderful dog addition to our family.  Oh, and my sister, who has Carl's mom, just got a yellow lab so she will have to continue to be be my dog-sitter yay!  Anyway, we're excited for Bruce we get to pick him up the first weekend in August Klint can't wait!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Boys' Yellowstone Fishing Trip

Klint is gone right now on his annual fly fishing trip to Yellowstone with the boys.  This year he went with Bryce & Scott; last year was Bryce & Jon; the year before was Bryce, Sebastian & C-Bass's friend Paul from Germany; the year before that was Eric & Sebastian I think; and that same year Klint went a second time with his dad.  What I think is so cool is that Klint taught his friends how to fly fish and now they love it like he does!  Anyway, Klint loves this trip!  This was the first year Klint didn't ask me to go ha!  The boys fish from sun-up to sun-down everyday with very little sleep - no thank you.  Boys are funny.  I love that Klint does this and how much he enjoys it.  I don't love that he doesn't have any cell phone reception I'm writing this because I miss him.  But I got a lot of un-packing done this weekend (it's about time!)  I can't wait to see his reaction when he gets home and sees all my progress.  Here are pictures from last year's trip (thanks to Bryce) since I never posted them!

At camp mapping out their day
I hung out with Beth & Tasia while our husbands were gone.  We went on a bike ride down the Provo River Trail and saw the biggest moon I had ever seen!

The boys looked so cute!
I wish you could tell how beautiful the moon was and so big!

4th of July

I am making this post specifically for our friend Elaine who is on tour with her band, so was away for Independence Day.  We celebrated with her husband Sebastian by riding bikes around Provo, stopping at Sammy's for burgers and shakes, then rode our bikes up to the Provo Temple lawn to watch "Stadium of Fire's" fireworks.  In the middle of watching Sebastian starts playing the song "You'll Never Kill the Spirit of America" by Val Lindsey. A song Elaine introduced to us years ago - it was hilarious and only funny to our friends, but nonetheless Happy Independence Day Elaine we had fun with your husband!  Video is of the song during the fireworks:

Eating at Sammy's 
Dancing with the bikes after eating at Sammy's!
Watching the fireworks - surprisingly Carl didn't mind them
On the actual 4th of July we shopped for Klint and then stopped in at a family reunion of mine.  
Something that makes Klint look small!

With my niece Matilda whom I adore!
My beautiful mother & her only sibling my dear Aunt Karen
Aunt Karen & Jerry 
My girls

That night we were driving home on the freeway and we could see the aerial fireworks all along Utah County it was so cool!  When we got home we drove bikes around our town and watched more aerials.  We (including Carl) have been enjoying riding bikes almost every night!

Panoramic Utah

My step-brother, Dave, does amazing panoramic photography of places in Utah you have to check out his website:
(you'll want to view in full screen you'll be able to see 360 degrees - looks amazing on Macs!)

Makes me want to go to southern Utah right now!
Arches National Park  (July 24 2009 & again May 5, 2010)