Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Video Project for "Draw Collar"

I work for a fireplace company, "Hearth & Home of Utah" aka "Fireplace Place," and happen to work with the inventor of the "Draw Collar" an international product that pre-heats the flue/chimney of wood burning stoves and inserts eliminating smoke in your home.  So if anyone ever has that problem contact me or visit their website!  Anyway, next weekend is the annual HPBExpo which is a big deal in the Hearth Industry.  So for their booth this year they wanted a video playing showing "How to Sell the Draw Collar" for their dealers to see.  So John conned me & Klint into making this short video:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Aunt Karen is Getting Married!!! & Her Bridal Shower

My wonderful dear amazing "Auntique" is getting marrried!!!! 
My Aunt Karen met her soon-to-be huband last year when they were working on the committee for their 50th High School Reunion together.  Jerry started stopping by Karen's house a lot and the next thing we hear is that they're in love and getting married!!!  We are so excited for them Karen is so happy and her fiance is such a great guy!  They are getting married Saturday, March 5th in the Mt Timponogos Temple and I get to be Karen's Escort I am so excited!

We had a Valentinesy Bridal Shower for her February 12th with the theme "Things Karen & Jerry can do together."  It was fun and everyone's gifts were so creative!

Karen telling everyone how they re-met and started dating

We wrote Karen notes using candy bars

Karen had to answer questions about Jerry and if she was wrong had to eat a piece of bubble gum...
her mouth got pretty full!  She did this game for my bridal shower, so it was payback ; )

Jerry's beautiful daughters Korby, Erika, Chanin  & his sister Sue

Jerry's daughter-in-law Roni, Karen, cousin JoAnn, Mom (Karen's sister)

Cousin Nancy, Cousin Judy, & Aunt Betty on her dad's side
The Bridal Shower Hostesses - Mom, Cara, me & My sister-in-law Jayann - it was her home


I was just getting out of the shower when I heard Carl whimpering, so I looked out & saw this:
 Carl was caught on my bra that was hanging the heck did that even happen?!! 
I laughed and grabbed my camera before I rescued him  ha ha!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chevy Tahoe...Fully Loaded!

May 2007 Klint, our friend Courtney and I rented a car and headed out to San Fransisco to see Bjork in concert (amazing btw).  When Klint and Courtney went to pick up our rental car the clerk at the counter tried to upsell them from the compact car they reserved to a "Chevy Tahoe...fully loaded!"  The clerk said that he drives to California all the time and 3 people can't fit in a compact car.  So Klint and Courtney re-enacted the conversation (exaggerating of course)!  Now all this was done in one take while Klint was driving!

We had a lot of fun on that car ride!  We got a Dodge Caliber RT (we nicknamed the Red Tornado) and we made up a lot of Dodge car names as they tend to have extreme names (come on Caliber, Magnum).  Don't be surprised when they come out with the Dodge "Scenario....what's your scenario?" we made up a commercial and everything.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

How do I not have a giant scar on my face?!

When I was ,5 and living in New Hampshire, our backyard didn't have any grass it just had a huge cement patio surrounded by a concrete sort of retaining wall which continued on into a wonderland of forrest!  I loved that backyard it was so magical.  Anyway one day, Cara, my 9 year old sister, was flying a paper airplane that my little brother Mikey, who was 2, and I would run after.  Well it just so happened as I was running to retrieve this paper airplane that I fell right into the corner edge of that concrete retaining wall and cut up my face!   Adding to the black eye that I already had from being hit by someone swinging on a swing!  So I found this amazing picture of my face all cut up after the incident, and another one of my face healing.  I showed Klint who said, "It's amazing that you don't have a scar on your face."  And it is amazing I am one lucky girl!

back row second from right.... oh I loved that outfit

Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentines Baby Boy.... I sure do love you!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Remember the time when....

...Klint, Eric & Joel went to the Walmart portrait studio with McDonalds food and got Christmas pictures taken in Klint's grandpa sweaters?! Then sent the pictures out to their random old ward members?!!  I'm sure people were so confused.  Someone in the ward even brought the picture to Klint's dad thinking it was a mistake!  Yeah, my husband is funny.
Their smiles are priceless...and check out Klint's hair!!!