Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ode to Candy

I've gone 2 months without CANDY!!!!  Yes, it's hard to believe that it's been 8 weeks (January 31st) since I last ate some candy, and I use the term candy loosely as I'm talking about sugar candy only - I'm still eating chocolate people!  Yes, this is me, Mary the queeen of candy the candy-a-holic with a cupboard door that says "Mary's Candy Buffet" (thanks to my friend Sarah!)  I have always always always been into candy.  And ever since I've had my own money I have always had some candy on hand or on my way to buy some.  Klint has not enjoyed my candy addiction, yet has contributed to it (remember Christmas 2008?!!)  You may be thinking "What caused such a dramatic change Mary?"  Well, it just so happened that I must have got food poisoning or a 24 hour bug or something that made my body purge itself completely (and I don't ever throw up since it's SO horrible, but I had no choice this time).  And you know when you are sick to your stomach you go through in your head all the things you've eaten which only makes you feel sicker!  So after throwing up cinnamon bears and feeling kinda yucky I just didn't eat any candy for a few days then I realized it and said to Klint (who's been on a diet or as I like to call it a "lifestyle change") that I hadn't eaten candy in 4 days he said "Keep it up" and I did.  Only on a few occasions at Young Womens or at someone's house I went to grab a piece of candy when I realized "Hey, I'm not eating candy."  It actually hasn't been that hard - only because I haven't given up chocolate or other treats like cookies, cake, doughnuts.  So I really feel okay without eating candy, so maybe slowly I can lower my treat intake - I don't have any desire to go without completely, but I know I can learn to control my treat size.  Anyway, as I can see this as a complete life change giving up sugar candy I want to say goodbye to my old candy friends:
"Ode to Candy" by Mary

Oh Swedish Fish how I have loved you - you were my favorite "candy". You were always there for me when I needed something sweet and was always a safe choice.  You were the staple that I would always have in my candy cupboard.

Laffy Taffy's - not only were they good but the lame jokes were great!.... One of my favorites:
"Why did the mother cat move her kitten?
-She didn't want to litter!"

Sour Patch Kids were the best until they started making my teeth hurt, so I had to give them up.

Sour Watermelons you were a common candy for me when Swedish Fish weren't enough.

Fave Reds Starburst were like a dream come true!

Yum Yum Tootsie Frooties 1 cent at the gas station

Oh you sour gummy worms so tangy and good

Penny candies, Dots, Mike-and-Ikes, gummy bears, licorice, Tootsie Pops, Jolly Ranchers you will all be missed! 
I kind of do miss going through the candy aisles... I hope this doesn't affect the economy! ; )

Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Madness 2011 Vegas

Last weekend we had our annual Trip down to Vegas for March Madness.  We stay with our friend Tom and the boys watch lots of basketball games (the only time all year that Klint does!) and the girls go shopping!  We always have a fun time with Tom!
Klint is joyfully holding up our "29" which was our wait ticket to eat our hour wait turned into 2 1/2 hours!  But it was worth the wait after our amazing fish & chips which I'll  post about later!

Tom was so sweet he brought us flowers!

Tom made his "Emery" sandwich yum!  Salmon burger with avacado & spinach with a bell pepper for the bun.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photo Books I've Made Online

I made a wedding book and a second book of our reception & honeymoon online at because I had coupons. Since I still haven't printed our wedding photos after 4 years of marriage I thought this is the least I could do!   And I also just made a  book (through thanks to a free coupon from my sister) of pictures of Klint & me over the years.  I don't scrapbook anymore, but I do enjoy making these books (they are quite expensive, but you can find coupons online!)

Klint & Kris hit 200 pounds!!

2/28/11 (I forgot to post this)
Back in December Klint, and his brother Kris who lives in New York, started a weight-loss challenge to be the first to 200 pounds (they have a similar build at 6' 4" tall and both weighed 230 pounds.)  So they have been exercising and eating healthier to achieve their goal.  Klint started eating more meals per day, but smaller portions and mostly whole foods. They have been talking regularly keeping tabs on their weigh-ins.  Most of the way Kris was ahead, but finally on February 7th Klint caught up and they've been neck and neck.  After about 2 1/2 months of the challenge on February 22nd at night Kris weighed in at 198!  And Wednesday night Klint weighed-in at 199.8!  Wahoo!  They both met their goal within 24 hours of each other.  So they said now they have to stay at or below 200 for the next 30 days, but they want to get down to 190 now.  They are so funny.  I couldn't believe how skinny Kris was when he came in to town on the 26th!  Although they both weigh the same Kris definitely looks thinner - they took off their shirts to do a test - Klint has bigger shoulders and a shorter torso, while Kris has a long lean torso.  Anyway, I am so proud of both of them they look great! Klint actually weighed 180 pounds when we started dating 6 years ago and was SO skinny, but slowly gained 50 pounds!  Klint really looks good with a little weight on him, but it's been fun to see him slim right down again - he lost most of his weight in his waist. Only thing now Klint keeps complaining that none of his clothes fit him I told him he could have worse problems! Congratulations Klint and Kris you guys sure have willpower and you look great! 
BEFORE:  October 2010 - last time together in New York

AFTER:  February 28, 2011 after they hit 200 pounds

Advertisements You Won't See Again

My mom emailed me these ads....Wow!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Website Video Klint Made

Sorry this isn't a funny video ; )  It's a video short Klint made for our friend, Scott, to put on his company's website.  Klint filmed at the "Direct Sell Expo" at the Salt Palace then put together this short video out of it.