Monday, September 5, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

At Work Being the Spoiled Birthday Girl!

This what I saw when I walked into work this morning:
My friend John (waving) came in on his day off to wish me a Happy Birthday.  He put up the sign and on my desk were Daylight Donuts Bear Claws and a birthday card from my friends at work.  Then a few minutes later the mailman came with a package for me from Maine inside were CHOCOLATE COVERED BLUEBERRIES that I love!!! (John brought some back from Maine once and I loved them so much I had him get me some the next time he went, and then when we went in July we got a lot more, but unfortunately ate them all what a surprise!)  A little while later my friend Christy at work brough in my favorite pizza (Papa Murphy's Cowboy Pizza) and cupcakes (from The Chocolate) as well as a cute Gilda cupcake topper!  WOW!!!  My birthday isn't even until Saturday (but I'm taking the next few days off)!
Needless to say my stomach is very big and full right now thanks friends!!!