Thursday, January 26, 2012

5th Annual St. George Winter Classic 2011

This is posted one year late, but I had to get it in before this year's trip because it was so fun!...

Every January for the last 5 years, to celebrate Klint's birthday with the friends, we've gone down to St George to stay at a condo.  We get out of the cold and into the lovely sunshine and the boys golf in their "St. George Winter Classic."  And this was the funnest year yet!  (See 2010's & 2009's trip to see the previous jacket winners.)  The girls drove down together so we could get our girl-talk in stopping, of course, at "Chinatown Restaurant" in Nephi to see Li Li.  In St. George we swam & hung out in the hot tub; the boys flew their helicopters (Sebastian had his birthday down there and the boys gave him another helicopter!); went shopping; ate great food; stayed up until 4 and 5am; and had lots of laughs!

The boys flying helicopters in the condo

Scott sporting his winning jacket from last year - he looks huge in the picture!

We asked the boys to bring us a Redbox movie they got "Cats & Dogs: The
Revenge of Kitty Galore we were so mad, but they thought it was hilarious!
The boys golfing -  I like this picture Bryce took

Klint FINALLY won this year's "Winter Classic"

These pictures are AWFUL!  But they made me laugh

 While the boys were golfing the girls had a fun time at D.I. picking out a blazer that the winner's wife could wear (we had a little blazer-envy!  We wanted to call it the "St George Winter Classic Wives Club").  We pulled up to "Benja Thai" (where we always go for dinner) and I saw that Klint was wearing the maroon winners' jacket so I got so excited that he finally won and so I put on the yellow blazer!  We later got it embroirdered to say "St George Winter Classic Champion's Wife."  I was so proud of Klint.  I did tell him that he better not come back if he wasn't wearing the jacket though!

At Benja That.... Must be "Winner's Glow"

We even wore our jackets to the pool!

Smith loving his daddy.  Smith likes the hot tub too.

Klint won!

We celebrated Sebatian's birthday

Beth & Tasia made the delicious tres leches cake

We blew up this awful picture from last year's trip as part of Cbass's gift

Tasia & Beth gave Klint an amazing birthday pedicure and massage

Our surprise to the boys was coming out Sunday morning in these ridiculous dresses we got at D.I.!  We might make this a tradition to always buy an ugly dress for church.  When we walked into Sacrament meeting everyone stared at us!  Ha ha ha  The tradition is that you wear the maroon blazer to church so that included me wearing that awful bright blazer it was awesome!

We even picked up white knee-high nylons to complete the ensemble!

Best friends!

The jackets once we got them embroirdered!
Leaving in the morning for this year's trip!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Darling Husband


31 reasons I love you Klinton Lane
1   You are funny and can always make me laugh
2   You love your family and have great relationships with them
3   You are smart and enjoy learning new things
4   You laugh so hard when Eric or Bryce get you going it’s hilarious
5   You are talented in many many ways
6   You take care of things around the house both in and out
7   You take time to make me special and creative gifts like the pictures of us
8   You love our dogs and like to cuddle with them and me
9   You like spending time with me
10 You are a good person
11 You are there for me
12 You listen to me
13 You are caring and thoughtful
14 You are an amazing student and work so hard and do your best
15 You are a wonderful caregiver you will be an extraordinary nurse
16 You are very attractive and I am really attracted to you
17 You take me on trips and adventures
18 You tell me I’m beautiful
19 You are tall, so handsome, have gorgeous blue eyes that make me melt
20 You love the outdoors and going out in “God’s Country”
21 You are an excellent fly fisherman and are passionate about it
22 You have the best smile of anyone I know
23 You make me feel special
24 You smell so darn good
25 You do things for me and with me
26 You are a great friend to me and others
27 You care about us and our future
28 You are anxious to be a father and I know you will be such a great one
29 You are the sexiest guy in the world
30 You are fun
31 You love me

Found this note on my purse on Thursday

Klint always keeps a fire going in our wood stove for me

Klint jamming on the drums (Elaine is letting us borrow for awhile) he does is almost every night!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

7th Anniversary of Our First Date

Sunday Klint and I celebrated our 7th Annivesary of our First Date (first date story here) I made him "Chicken Divan" which he loves (curry chicken & broccoli casserole) and then I read from my journal for over an hour from our first kiss, to our first date, to when I realized that I loved him.  Ahhhhhhhhhh I love Klint so much.  It just gets better and better!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Portland, Maine - Video Shoot

Our friend, John, the inventor of the Draw Collar got us hired by Jotul, a wood stove and gas fireplace company in Portland Maine, to go out there and shoot a couple web commercials at their factory.  We also shot a commercial for the Draw Collar too.

And here are pictures from our July trip:

THE most delicious freshly made chocolate covered blueberries

We ate at the floating restaurant behind us

On the boat restaurant - delicious salmon!

Kris & Klint on the lift filming at the factory

"This is my vision..."

In the factory shooting

Klint's brother Kris came out to help - thank you thank you

We were shooting right here for hours!  I was going over lines and Klint was giving me direction

Fake smiles after a long hot day of shooting

BEST Turkey sandwich I've ever had

Shooting a clip for John's Draw Collar commercial

Portland Headlight Lighthouse

The Ocean yay

Klint & Kris preparing the camera to film

Again fake smiles - this was a hard gig and I was not happy!

Portland Headlight Lighthouse - most photographed lighthouse

The boys shooting

Eating on the dock - had to get New England Clam Chowder & Seafood

The last day shooting the Draw Collar commerical

Recording all my voice-over stuff the last day

Saying goodbye to Jotul wearing Draw Collar hats

Flying out from Portland, Maine
Looking back it was fun, but at the time it was one of the hardest things I've had to do!