Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year!

Is it odd that I don't remember the last time it was "Leap Day?" was only 4 years ago.  Anyway,  this post has nothing to do with Leap Year I just have a few Klint bullets to mention:

-Klint has been doing clinicals at UVRMC hospital and has been in "Mother/Baby" and on Monday he got to assist the doctor deliver a baby!  He's attended other births & C-sections already, but so cool that he got to help on this one.

-Last night after class Klint went to see Jason Alexander speak at UVU and got to snag a photo with him.

-Klint made a website with many of his film projects (not just wedding videos.)
It has my favorite movie called "Dorian Summer" the video he made of the friends summer 2005.  I miss those days.   My husband is funny.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Look at those paws!

I just found this picture from back in September when Klint brought the dogs to my work to say hi while he was out running errands.  I forgot how big his paws were he was so cute!
 This was them leaving... I love Bruce's eyes ha!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Going Out to Aunt Darlene's Nevada Ranch for the Last Time

My Great Aunt Darlene (who's really like my grandma) moved in with my mom in July after my Uncle Lee died.  So they spent lots of time cleaning out her house that she's lived in for the past 36 years in Baker, Nevada  Klint and I went out there in back in October over General Conference weekend so we could stay there for the last time.  Since Klint and I have beeen engaged we have been going out there almost every General Conference to visit.  I've been going out to visit Aunt Darlene and Uncle Lee my whole life and I even lived out there the whole summer for 5 years straight as a child.  Anyway, as I walked into the house and saw it almost empty I started tearing up.  That house always looked the same... until now.  Always the same furniture, pictures, knick knacks, etc.  It was sure different being there without Aunt Darlene and Uncle Lee.

While there we just relaxed, drove up to Great Basin National Park to see the leaves color change, and then we walked all around the ranch and took pictures.  I kept thinking how weird it will be not coming out here anymore.  Klint said it was weird for him, and he's only been coming for 5 years.  As we started driving away from the house (for the last time) I started crying.  So selfish of me to think of myself and my memories, because I think of my dear Aunt whom this was her home for 36 years and she had to leave it.  And my Aunt Karen who grew up out here and then lived here off and on the last 20 years.  Oh boy.  This really sucks.  Klint says we are going back though to hike Mt Wheeler at Great Basin National Park.  This valley is so beautiful and I will surely miss it.  Surprisingly Aunt Darlene has adjusted fairly well (at least from my point of view) living with my parents.  I just don't want to get old and I especially don't want to lose my dear husband.  If only we can have 70 years together like Aunt Darlene & Uncle Lee.

We're gonna go back to hike Mt. Wheeler someday!

Looking down on Aunt Darlene's from Great Basin National Park

Border Inn for dinner

Driving away for the  last time :( 

Monday, February 20, 2012

5th Anniversary Trip to Lava Hot Springs #3

For our 5th Wedding Anniversary we spent it at Lava Hot Springs
(3 of 5 of our anniversaries have been spent there yes we love it that much!)
Here we are 5 years later.

Had to start our trip at our fav "Smoking Apple"

This is me so "excited" that we're bringing our dogs with us!
Taking the dogs for a morning walk -  it didn't snow : (

The best place to stay in Lava - each room has its own private 2 person giant natural mineral water tub!

We LOVE lazy days no school no work no one to tell us what to do!

This is what I've been looking forward to the "Cowboy
Burger" it's so big we have to share.  Oh it is SO good!
Lava is where we discovered how fast Bruce is

Soaking in the hot springs
On the way home I got mad at Bruce so he jumped up in the back window
to sulk (where Carl usually lays) it was so funny since he's so big!
5 years went by SO quick yet it feels like we've always been together.  Thanks Klint for being a fun husband!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

8th Valentines Day

I love Valentines Day... I always have ever since elementary school making my valentines mail box to receive valentines notes & goodies from friends.  This year I found my stash of valentines cards I bought in junior high on clearance from the old Fred Meyer.  I didn't realize how many I had "hoarded" among the bunch were Teletubbies, Whinnie the Pooh, Barbie (3 different sets), Star Wars Phantom Menace, Spider Man, WWF Wrestling, Batman cartoon, Toy Story, Britney Spears, N Sync, Ricky Martin, etc. Wow!  Anyway, for Valentines I decided to decorate the bathroom for Klint and I used these valentines to do it all around the mirror.  Klint hates Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars Phantom Menace and I actually like Jar Jar "Mesa called Jar Jar Binks!"   Anyway, I left Klint sleeping when I went to work, but soon I received this picture text message from Klint:
(I love that he calls me "sweets!")
"Yamato" Japanese Restaurant.  We got our usuals: Caterpillar Roll & Chicken Teriyaki/Shrimp Tempura for Klint
We went to Yamato restaurant for dinner and when we got there Klint said he was going to tell me
50 things he loved about me!
So he started with #50 and counted down, he would take breaks throughout dinner.  And sometimes say one, but then say no that's too good it's got to be in the 20's.  Some were funny, but then others were so sweet.  You know marriage is the absolute best.... and it keeps just getting better and better.  I can't wait until "Grandpa Nature" is really a grandpa and we are old together and love each other even more!  What a wonderful plan our Heavenly Father has created to live with your best friend always having someone there to love you, hold you, comfort you, as well as to have fun with and share things with.  I love you so much Klint.  How can you not love Valentines Day and be cheezy with each other all day calling each other Valentine" and acting extra lovey.  Not that we don't love each other every other day of the year it's just fun to have all the hearts and mushy stuff.

Eating my sugar cookies - I've made this same recipe for almost 20 years
now and they are still my favorite and now Klint's favorite sugar cookie!

Klint's Valentine's Gift to Me!

This was an email I received from Klint today:

Hey Sweets,
Don't ask me how I was able to go back in time and get these messages for you, I just did.  Let it be an example of how much I love you.
"One Love, One Life... if only I didn't have a wife.  You would be MINE.  Happy Valentines Mary"
- Bono

"Some people call me the Ice Man, well if that's the case I better stay away from you, cause you make me melt.  Happy Valentines Day Mary"
- V. Kilmer

"One night with you would make my dreams come true, BE MY VALENTINE."
- Klint B.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  This got me laughing so hard!  Klint said he was able to go back in time to when he, Bono & Val Kilmer were in their prime for hottness!  I love this boy.  And actually the picture of Klint is one I took of him when we first started hanging out (I did his hair like that and he & our friend posed).  When I got home and downloaded the pictures on my computer it was the first time I thought, "Wow he's cute" : )  I told you Klint (now) is hotter than the 1997 version of Val Kilmer!
So here's to you babe and our 8th Valentine's Day together!  I love you... "soooo much!"

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bruce Overload!

Bruce is now 8 months old and has gotten so big.  So here are a plethera of pictures of Bruce or "Brother Bruce" & "Sweetie" as Klint affectionately calls him.  Klint LOVES Bruce he is so glad he got him.  I love "Brucers" now it did take me awhile though (Klint felt the same way about Carl at first).  It's just that I felt that Bruce was just an inconvenience (it is SO much easier having one small dog and especially training).  Bruce is Klint's buddy.  Carl has changed with Bruce around.  Because Bruce get so excited and spins in circles when it's time to eat; Carl who rarely ate now gets excited and prances to his food bowl and even stands by his food bowl licking it and whining until I feed him! Wahhh?!  When we got Bruce we made sure to give a lot of extra attention to Carl the "resident dog" like the traning manuals showed so he wouldn't be jealous, but it's not Carl who is jealous it's Bruce!  The little punk doesn't let me pet or love Carl so I have to physically pick Carl up because Bruce tries to get inbetween us!  Carl growls whenever Bruce comes near him and bites his ears & loose skin on his neck and sometimes they get in brawls!  Oh, Klint got home the other night at 2:30am waking the dogs and Klint said Bruce's bark was SO MEAN!  So we have ourselves two watchdogs...I feel safe.  Bruce is such a sweet boy and I love his big nose and his big brown puppy-dog-eyes.

 Video of Bruce spinning in circles & eating - he finished the bowl in less than 30 seconds!


8 WEEKS........8 MONTHS

Bruce always falls asleep on me

Caught Bruce "joweling" he looks like the Cowardly Lion!

ha ha