Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to this pretty lady:

 I get to spend her birthday with her at this place 

See more pictures of her here

Friday, May 25, 2012

Where was this in 1997??!!!

I got this picture text message from my little brother Mikey today:
"Jealous of my shirt?  I got it thinking of you :-)"

What?!!  So Old Navy has "Top Gun" "Iceman" shirts for sale right now!  You've got to be kidding me?!  Where was this in 1997 when I was obsessed with Val Kilmer?!  None of my friends even knew who he was and there I was making my own iron-on t-shirts with Val Kilmer's face on them and wearing them to school!  So here we are 15 years later I can't believe it  (or should I say 26 years later "Top Gun" came out in 1986!) 

My Val Kilmer Obsession all started in June 1997 at age 13 when I saw "The Saint" in the movie theater.  I loved the movie and I thought he was the best looking man I had ever seen!  I then spent the next 5 years obsessed with Val: printing off pictures of him on the internet, learning all about him, planning the day we would get married, and watching all his movies.  My first email address was even mrsvalkilmer@... and yes, I still use it!  My favorite Val Kilmer movie is obviously "The Saint" and unfortunately there weren't any others that came out since that I liked.  Other Val movies I like for the ridiculous value are: "Real Genius", "Top Secret", "Batman Forever" and "Willow."  Though I haven't watched a Val Kilmer movie in years (at least not in the 5 I've been married) I did see "The Saint" over 100 times yes, you read that right - I would watch it EVERYDAY!  It's definitely my favorite one - in fact I've wanted to watch it with Klint for years now!  Oh, I am so glad I am over him ha!

My 15th birthday party September 1998.
Notice my Val pictures on the wall?... That was only the beginning!

Well, ode to Val Kilmer before he got fat and started making bad straight to dvd movies!  Man, he was hot!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Goodbye Joel...You'll Be Missed, But Not Forgotten

Saturday we lost a friend. A friend who Klint has known since elementary school (and I became friends with in 2004). A friend who was part of "The Dorian" (Klint's group of friends). A friend who has a million stories associated with him.  A friend whom Klint has shared residence with in 3 different houses (right up until we got married - there was many a good times at the "VIP House" and "Sin City" house). A friend who made you laugh at his "JL JEEP" and later we mocked his "JL STANG!" A friend whose hair was too often a topic of conversation and well as his band "Tension."  A friend who we quote even to this day "Thank Yuuuu!" A friend who listened...really listened.  A friend who we can't imagine not being here anymore.

It was hard seeing Klint take the news from Eric. I hurt for Klint, but I hurt more for Joel's wife and family. Crazy crazy crazy stuff. Times like these makes me so grateful for the Gospel and the Plan of Salvation and knowing that we can see our friend again since this life is not the end. I keep thinking of Joel's poor wife experiencing the whole tragic incident and losing her husband after less than a year of marriage. It makes me treasure my husband and how much we take this precious life for granted. I'm so glad my husband is here now.  And I know it has affected Klint.  This morning I kissed him goodbye and started to leave, but Klint called me back into the room to urge me to drive safe. 

Joel you will be missed, but you will not be forgotten. When the friends get together a Joel story always comes up. And now when you are talked about we hope that you are laughing with us from the other side. "Thank yuuuuu" for the memories "Lidious" "Justice Jericho" "JL JEEP"...Joel Larson you've been a good friend.
Klint's 20th birthday party.  Look how young everyone looks (Joel in the center)
June 2004 the first night I met Joel (or "Lidious" as he told me his name was!) Bryce, Eric, Joel, Scott

Joel's 24th Birthday - Notice the JL Stang?!
James, Eric, Joel (Scott) at an "Another Statistic" show
Valentines Day 2005

"VIP House" January 2005 Klint, Bryce, Chelsea, Joel, Courtney, Eric, MD, Bri, James

Klint, Eric, Joe, Bri, Jordan, Me January 2005

"The A.P.'s"  (their joke band!)

Jamming with Travis Meeks from "Days of the New" band.  Joel met him & they became friends! Fall 2005
Vegas February 2006 to see Coldplay

Eric, Klint & Joel sent these pictures out to old ward members Christmas 2005!!

And again this past Christmas 2011 they are so ridiculous!  Who does this?!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I love my mom

The older I get the more I appreciate my mother for all she's done and sacrificed
for me, and the wonderful person she is. Her example of service and her strong 
testimony mean so much to me.  I am so grateful she is my mom and that she loves me
and helped make me the woman I am. Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful Mother!

Friday, May 11, 2012

I like being greeted

I pulled up to the house the other day and look who were waiting to greet me in the boys welcoming me home from work!  (Klint was smiling before I whipped out my camera and stuck it out the window to take this picture!) Klint you can greet me anytime!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Best of / Favorites Part 1: DESSERTS!

I'm always saying "Oh, my favorite               was here or the best             was this!"  So I thought I would compile my "best of" list just for fun on yummy sweets! 

I've already posted my ode to candies and to chocolates so now on to other goodies!  And this is after I haven't eaten any chocolate, cakes, cookies, donuts or ice cream in over 5 weeks!  Can you believe it?!  The only sugar (consciously)  I've had is some a few jello salads a some pudding.  I know I can't keep this up much longer though because I LOVE sweets and have no desire to give them up forever.  But I am trying to change my habits to not eat so many sweets.  But the surprising thing is I haven't even craved any chocolate in the last 5 weeks, though I still have a craving for desserts and other sweets.  I've been able to calm my cravings for the most part with my favorite gum Trident Tropical Twist.  
(I also have been reading labels - if it has too many ingredients I don't eat it.  The only thing I still eat with many ingredients and preservatives is cereal - I LOVE cereal I usually have 2 bowls a day.  I'm not getting rid of my Honey Bunches of Oats with almonds okay?!!  Anyway, on to my "Ode to Sweets!"... 


(NOT the premium version though)


"Krispy Kreme"   - "Original Glazed - Orem, UT

"Dunford Donuts" - "Chocolate Over Chocolate" - UT  (& their cake donuts)

"Daylight Donuts" - "Bear Claw" - Pleasant Grove, UT
"Old Fashioned Sour Cream" - practically anywhere
Favorite Cakes:
Pistachio Bundt Cake:  introduced by Klint's family
White Chocolate Mascarpone:  by Beth & Tasia for my birthday
Tres Leches:  by Beth & Tasia for Sebastian's birthday
Sue's Chocolate Cake:  by Klint's mom

Favorite Cookies:
Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies
Homemade Frosted Sugar Cookies
Klint's Chocolate Chip Cookies
Manalmosers (Swedish Butter Cookies)

Other Desserts / Sweets:
Peanut Butter Bars - by my mother-in-law Pat
Strawberry Danish Dessert - that my mom makes (pretty much only for bridal showers though!)
Cheesecake - by my mom (I would get on my birthdays I rarely find some as good) 
Brownies - by Betty Crocker  (with melted natural vanilla ice cream on top)
Tapioca Pudding - homemade by Aunt Karen
Acini de Pepe ("frog-eye") fruit salad  - by me or my mom
Strawberry Shake:  "Apollo Burger / Crown Burger" - UT

Stay tuned for the next installment of Mary's "Best of"..."FOOD" edition!