Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Goodbye Joel...You'll Be Missed, But Not Forgotten

Saturday we lost a friend. A friend who Klint has known since elementary school (and I became friends with in 2004). A friend who was part of "The Dorian" (Klint's group of friends). A friend who has a million stories associated with him.  A friend whom Klint has shared residence with in 3 different houses (right up until we got married - there was many a good times at the "VIP House" and "Sin City" house). A friend who made you laugh at his "JL JEEP" and later we mocked his "JL STANG!" A friend whose hair was too often a topic of conversation and well as his band "Tension."  A friend who we quote even to this day "Thank Yuuuu!" A friend who listened...really listened.  A friend who we can't imagine not being here anymore.

It was hard seeing Klint take the news from Eric. I hurt for Klint, but I hurt more for Joel's wife and family. Crazy crazy crazy stuff. Times like these makes me so grateful for the Gospel and the Plan of Salvation and knowing that we can see our friend again since this life is not the end. I keep thinking of Joel's poor wife experiencing the whole tragic incident and losing her husband after less than a year of marriage. It makes me treasure my husband and how much we take this precious life for granted. I'm so glad my husband is here now.  And I know it has affected Klint.  This morning I kissed him goodbye and started to leave, but Klint called me back into the room to urge me to drive safe. 

Joel you will be missed, but you will not be forgotten. When the friends get together a Joel story always comes up. And now when you are talked about we hope that you are laughing with us from the other side. "Thank yuuuuu" for the memories "Lidious" "Justice Jericho" "JL JEEP"...Joel Larson you've been a good friend.
Klint's 20th birthday party.  Look how young everyone looks (Joel in the center)
June 2004 the first night I met Joel (or "Lidious" as he told me his name was!) Bryce, Eric, Joel, Scott

Joel's 24th Birthday - Notice the JL Stang?!
James, Eric, Joel (Scott) at an "Another Statistic" show
Valentines Day 2005

"VIP House" January 2005 Klint, Bryce, Chelsea, Joel, Courtney, Eric, MD, Bri, James

Klint, Eric, Joe, Bri, Jordan, Me January 2005

"The A.P.'s"  (their joke band!)

Jamming with Travis Meeks from "Days of the New" band.  Joel met him & they became friends! Fall 2005
Vegas February 2006 to see Coldplay

Eric, Klint & Joel sent these pictures out to old ward members Christmas 2005!!

And again this past Christmas 2011 they are so ridiculous!  Who does this?!!


  1. Mary thank you for this post it's touched my heart so much I love hearing how silly he is thannnnkkk yuuuuu haha ;)


  2. Wow, Joel will truly be missed!!! Thanks for sharing this, Mary. It took me down memory lane to all the good times we had. He really was a great guy and friend. The best thing about Joel was he could make you laugh so hard, but he really was the best listener. Praying for you and Klint. Love ya.

  3. Mary thanks for posting this. I'm so sad that I couldn't make the funeral today...days like these makes me wish I wasn't in Germany, but these pictures and words helped me remember some of the good times. I'll miss Joel so much, he was one of my best friends.