Friday, May 25, 2012

Where was this in 1997??!!!

I got this picture text message from my little brother Mikey today:
"Jealous of my shirt?  I got it thinking of you :-)"

What?!!  So Old Navy has "Top Gun" "Iceman" shirts for sale right now!  You've got to be kidding me?!  Where was this in 1997 when I was obsessed with Val Kilmer?!  None of my friends even knew who he was and there I was making my own iron-on t-shirts with Val Kilmer's face on them and wearing them to school!  So here we are 15 years later I can't believe it  (or should I say 26 years later "Top Gun" came out in 1986!) 

My Val Kilmer Obsession all started in June 1997 at age 13 when I saw "The Saint" in the movie theater.  I loved the movie and I thought he was the best looking man I had ever seen!  I then spent the next 5 years obsessed with Val: printing off pictures of him on the internet, learning all about him, planning the day we would get married, and watching all his movies.  My first email address was even mrsvalkilmer@... and yes, I still use it!  My favorite Val Kilmer movie is obviously "The Saint" and unfortunately there weren't any others that came out since that I liked.  Other Val movies I like for the ridiculous value are: "Real Genius", "Top Secret", "Batman Forever" and "Willow."  Though I haven't watched a Val Kilmer movie in years (at least not in the 5 I've been married) I did see "The Saint" over 100 times yes, you read that right - I would watch it EVERYDAY!  It's definitely my favorite one - in fact I've wanted to watch it with Klint for years now!  Oh, I am so glad I am over him ha!

My 15th birthday party September 1998.
Notice my Val pictures on the wall?... That was only the beginning!

Well, ode to Val Kilmer before he got fat and started making bad straight to dvd movies!  Man, he was hot!


  1. OH MY GOSH MARY!!! Seriously why would they come out with this now? That is the coolest shirt ever! Oh and that pic from your bday brings back tooo many memories, I miss being a kid. We had the raddest neighborhood ever! We all look so funny, tiffany cracks me up!

  2. I can't believe that picture actually exists! Good times :) I think we called Geico about 15 times that night, wondering if they could REALLY save us 15%. Hahaha! And yes, Mary, I had no idea who Val Kilmer was except that he was going to marry you.